Closing A Property Sale Can Be A Drama

The first act in the property sale drama begins with finding the perfect real estate agent. It’s a bit like hosting a job interview. Choosing a real estate agent is perhaps the most important step in your property sale journey. They must be familiar with your location and demonstrate a high level of competence. You […]

Documents You Need To Sell Your Property

The time has come to sell your first homebuyer’s dream home and upsize your life to somewhere bigger. It’s going to be fantastic, and everyone’s looking forward to moving. You already have an area mapped out, and if you get the price you’re after, it should be a cakewalk. But you’ve only ever bought a […]

Tricks Real Estate Agents Use On Homebuyers

We’ve all heard that saying, “Buyer beware.” But nowhere does that caveat count as much as when you’re a homebuyer. The last thing you want is to buy a house that collapses the day you move in. Admittedly, that’s not a common occurrence, but it illustrates a point. You wouldn’t want to move into somewhere […]

Dirty Tricks Real Estate Agents Use

The property market is a display case for all that makes us mortals both great and terrible. It can be a dirty business. If real estate agents were pure as the driven snow, we wouldn’t engage them. Business is a ruthless field, and we need our agents to be adept at the battle. It’s not […]

Busting The Myths About Selling Your Property

Myths and misconceptions abound regarding the real estate market. You can read them online and hear them at work. Likewise, they are regularly shared around the family barbecue. Well-meaning friends and relatives might chime in with suggestions and help propagate them. They don’t mean any harm; they don’t know any better. After all, that’s the […]