what are the types of real estate agent fees

A Guide to Real Estate Agent Fees and Commissions

Real Estate Agent Fees and What You Need to Know When considering whether to enlist the services of a real estate agent to help them sell their property, many home sellers are concerned about the fees that might come along with this decision. Many home sellers may be under the impression that they will be […]

how to determine the property value of a house

How To Determine The Property Value of A House

How To Find The Value of a Home Determining the value of a home is key to setting a price that is not too high, in which case it scares off potential buyers, and lets the property sit on the market for too long. Contrarily, if a home’s asking price is too low, home sellers […]

how to sell your home fast

In a Rush? How To Sell Your House Fast

Sell Your Home The Fast Way There is often talk of when exactly the right time to sell a home would be. Some prospective sellers take to the idea of real estate being seasonal, whilst others try to keep a close eye on the markets to predict when the right time to sell might be. […]

Beautiful panorama of the Sydney harbour district with Harbour bridge, Botanical garden and the Opera building.

High Flyers: These Are The World’s Tallest Residential Buildings

If you’re looking for a room with a view, there’s no better place to catch a scenic sunrise than from one of the top floors of a skyscraper. The term “skyscraper” was first used in the 19th century to describe steel-framed constructions of at least 10 stories. The very first building adhering to this definition […]

When is the Right Time to Sell a Property

When is the Right Time to Sell a Property? 7 Signs to Look For That Will Tell You When to Cash In.

How to Know the Time is Right to Sell Your House When is the right time to sell your property? This is a question that home sellers often have, but rarely think about too much. Because the right time to sell your property is when you decide to do so, right? Wrong – there are […]