home upgrades to attract millennial buyers

10 Home Upgrades That Attract Millennial Buyers

How to attract Millennial Buyers when selling your home According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Survey of Income and Housing 2017/2018, approximately one-third of people aged 25 to 34 owned a property in 2018. As the millennial generation are finding it difficult to purchase their first home all across the world, this group of […]

what is a property lien

What Is a Property Lien? An Unpaid Debt That Could Trip Up Your Home Sale

One factor that can have an influence on how long a property takes to exchange hands is the presence of liens on a property. In the US, property liens account for 11% of delays with transferring ownership of the house – only loan issues, appraisal issues, and issues pertaining to maintenance of the property are […]

renovate before selling home

Should You Sell Your Home As Is, or Spring for a Renovation? Here’s How to Decide

Should you sell your home as is or renovate? When home sellers decide to put their property on the market, they often wonder how much they’ll have to spend to make the property seem appealing to a large group of potential buyers. This also entails deciding what renovations or repairs should be done before the […]

do a home inspection when selling home

Doing This One Thing Before Putting Your Home on the Market Can Help Sell It Faster

When deciding to sell their home, sellers will likely use two methods to help them decide on the price they will ask when putting their home on the market. While the home appraisal is mostly used for tax purposes, in order to determine how much tax should be paid on a particular property, the home […]

closing costs for home sales

Closing Costs for Sellers: Common Fees Associated With Selling Your Home

What are the closing costs for sellers?  Home sellers often stand aghast at the extraordinary amount of closing costs that are associated with selling their home. Of course, the closing costs on any given property will differ, but there are certain costs that sellers should anticipate and prepare for when initially discussing an asking price […]