Is Cryptocurrency The Currency Of The Future?

In our last article, we ventured into the future to investigate Web.03. We learned how it may potentially turn the world upside down for the better. That was the first of a three-part series that we now continue. After all, we are about real estate. Before we can understand how Web.03 will impact the real […]

Web.03 – What You Need To Know

An epic change is coming, and it’s as epochal as the birth of the automobile. Some think the technological revolution already began years ago, but that’s outmoded thinking. The internet is in perpetual flux, and what we’re accustomed to is set to transmute majorly. Moreover, it will restructure society. It’s called Web.03. While you may […]

Sell Your Property From Overseas

You may be living overseas and wish to sell your property in Australia. Regardless of why you’re selling, you’ll need to know how to go about doing so as painlessly as possible. Wherever you may be, you’re likely to reside a major distance from our sunny shores. So, what does selling your property from overseas […]

How To Buy A House While Overseas

If you’re an Australian living abroad, you may want to purchase a home as an investment or to live in when you return. First and foremost, is it possible? Can you buy a house in Australia without physically inspecting it? The answer is yes on both counts. However, the critical question is: how do you […]

Sydney’s Most Expensive Suburbs 2022

It’s no secret that life in Australia’s major cities is expensive. Step out your front door and they grab you by the ankles and shake every coin out of your pockets. That’s after squeezing you for whatever they can online. Nothing, it seems, comes without a price tag. If you’re looking to buy a home, […]