The Right Time To Downsize And Sell The Property

Downsize And Sell Your Property

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you’re living alone in a large empty house with too many rooms. At one point, it didn’t seem spacious enough. But the house is a mausoleum. Perhaps a beloved partner has passed away or the kids have flown the coop. Those bedrooms gather dust. The knick-knacks of absent family members evoke bittersweet reminders of lost wonderful years. Nostalgia occupies the spaces vacated by those who’ve moved on. Even the dog feels it. He just lies there with his muzzle buried in his paws, sighing away. But the practical side of things needs to be considered too. A big property becomes a chore to maintain. The older we get, the more of a strain it is to handle the demands of a big house. Getting up the stairs can be a struggle. Keeping the lawn tidy and managing all the chores is a physical burden.

This is when the family home should be passed to another brood. It’s served its purpose, and those remaining have become its caretakers. The realisation hits that it’s time to downsize and sell the property. It won’t be easy. Those people called it their home as far back as they cared to remember. Still, having discussed the circumstances with the rest of the family, everyone figures it’s for the best. Sure, they’re going to miss the old pile of bricks, but life moves on. It will be sad to see the family’s home go to someone else. But the benefits of downsizing are stronger than the pull of those cherished memories. Time to call the real estate agent and start packing boxes. In a nutshell, this is the impression most have of downsizing. However, some folks sell their properties and move to more convenient dwellings for various reasons.

The Right Time To Downsize Your Property

The term “downsizing” is referenced everywhere in connection to real estate. It sounds straightforward. A person moves from one property to another that’s smaller. The initial assumption is that the space in one has become too big for the occupier. They’ve decided to relocate to a less-sizeable domicile. But that’s not always the case. Often, bigger places create problems for their owners. They might love the house to death and want to stay forever. Yet, oftentimes money becomes a thing. The upkeep of the house proves too expensive, with energy bills and high council rates. Financial considerations often have more gravitas than decisions based on a property’s roominess. The change comes with other life adjustments. Downsizing presents a lifestyle difference. It can either diminish or better suit one’s choices. For instance, a suburban house might distance a person from the luxuries of city living, where entertainment is more readily available.

However, that again, might not constitute the whole story. Somebody may reach a stage where they need a spiritual change. Their choices aren’t necessarily motivated by the size of their home or by money. Perhaps that person’s just tired of their career. They’re feeling depleted. Yet, their job pays for the swimming pool and the big front yard with the gaudy pink flamingo statues. They know that chucking in their gig might portend a less-remunerated role elsewhere. Nevertheless, they yearn to travel and see something of the world. Selling their property would facilitate them finding a nice apartment and taking an overdue sabbatical. These are practical reasons that people decide to downsize and sell. Then again, someone could find themselves compelled to relocate. If they’ve taken a pay cut or been made redundant, they’ll have to examine all areas of their life. Generally, that’s the right time to downsize.

Advantages Of Downsizing Your Property

Somebody who’s overwhelmed by superfluous living space will immediately reap the benefits of inhabiting a smaller property. No longer will they have to clean areas designed for a greater number of people. The kitchen is more compact, and since they no longer cater to a large group, the appliances are themselves smaller. Smaller appliances are easier to clean, and they’re no longer being left out by those with untidier habits. Not feeding an army creates more cupboard and refrigerator space. The carpet once took over an hour to vacuum. Now that job’s been completed in a quarter of the time. The windows are fewer, and as such, that’s an effort saved on another tiresome household chore. Formerly, they had an abundance of furniture. Now they get by with a sofa and a few chairs. The dining table used to occupy a large space. They now have just one versatile table.

Apart from the time and exertion spared by living in a smaller property, they are saving money. The power bills were previously like staring at numbers blipping across the screen of a NASA computer. They’re significantly down now. Utilities are cheaper across the board, and so is insurance. Distance is no longer a tyranny and, as such, neither is the price of travelling. The individual sold their car and made do with public transportation. Furthermore, they’re only a hop and a skip from the major shopping centre. The hospital is much nearer too, which is reassuring in case of any medical emergency. Being environmentally-minded, they’re also quietly pleased with their lessened carbon footprint. But most agreeably, their new pad is quite cosy. They feel relieved at having everything they need much closer at hand. Sure, they miss the old place, but the advantages of their new home are rather exciting.

Disadvantages Of Downsizing Your Property

The downsizing of properties nonetheless had disadvantages. For a start, there was no longer room in which to accommodate Pop’s beloved popcorn wagon. He used to wheel that thing in on movie nights. The missus would complain about spilt popcorn. Many other frivolous but enjoyable possessions had to go too. After intense negotiations with the missus, she decided he had to part with his collection of stuffed animals. Pop’s passion for taxidermy notwithstanding, his wife had long regarded those objects as gruesome and banished them to his shed. But with the man cave gone, so too were the owl, the moose, and the grizzly bear he scored at Bonham’s auction. Yes, moving into smaller digs requires letting go of one’s property. And it isn’t all about farewelling material possessions either. The elderly couple no longer had their neighbours to enjoy barbecues with. Friends and relatives were now separated by distance.

The biggest lifestyle change the couple noticed was that they had nowhere to hide from each other. Where once, hubby had his man cave and she claimed the entire house, he was under her feet all day. This led to her growing rather cross with him and sending him on useless errands. He never managed to make any new friends and took to quietly sulking. Nonetheless, despite her meekness overcoming him, he got in the way during her canasta evenings. The missus had found a new circle of friends, and they gossiped and clucked like hens. Hubby took solace down at the local bar, where eventually he was involved in some unpleasantness. OK, we’re kidding, but you can see that a smaller space means compromises. For those living alone, unless they’re of a maudlin disposition, the compromise is only minor. Couples will find themselves living in closer quarters.


Downsizing is a fact of life. We’re born tiny, we grow, but at the end of our lives, we’ve shrunken. Only pride and the folly of denial hinder us from accepting change. A large family needs space. But families grow, people leave home, and the household shrinks. By this time, all that space has become problematic. But people don’t just downsize exclusively for family reasons. Fiscal reality bites, and when it does, we must bend with the wind. We go where it’s practical and live according to our means. As alluring as watching Downton Abbey is, would we truly want to live there? For one thing, we’d require an army of servants. So it goes. If you’re downsizing, you’ll need a qualified real estate agent to help sell your property. Perfect Agent can reduce your stress levels by introducing you to your perfect agent. Contact us ASAP.