Sell Your Property Honestly

Many vendors wonder whether they should disclose everything about their homes when they sell their property. This suggests they’re sneakily speculating if there’s any information about their house they shouldn’t mention. It’s a fair query since they don’t want to prejudice the sale. The serious enquiring will occur at viewing time when they’re showing prospective […]

Negotiating Your Real Estate Agent’s Commission

Real estate agents don’t work for charity and you won’t need reminding of that fact. Everything they do for the client is ultimately self-serving: quid pro quo. And that’s axiomatic. You won’t get free wheel alignment from your mechanic. Your builder won’t simply accept a sincere “thank you” for services rendered. There is no way […]

The Right Time To Downsize And Sell The Property

Downsize And Sell Your Property

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you’re living alone in a large empty house with too many rooms. At one point, it didn’t seem spacious enough. But the house is a mausoleum. Perhaps a beloved partner has passed away or the kids have flown the coop. Those bedrooms gather dust. The knick-knacks of absent family […]

Mistakes First-Time Property Owners Should Avoid When Selling

Buying a first home is a momentous occasion in a person’s life. However, most owners will eventually sell that first house and move to another. They may have a growing family. Perhaps they need a change of scenery. The statistics show that Australians move around. But what made buying that property such a big deal […]

Selling Your House With Problem Neighbours

“Neighbours… everybody needs good neighbours. with a little understanding. You can find the perfect blend. Neighbours should be there for one another. ” and so on. These were the lyrics sung in the opening theme song to Australia’s tackiest and most enduring soap opera. Of course, that show was make-believe, and the lyrics reflect cockeyed […]