things home sellers forget before sale

7 Important Things Home Sellers Often Forget to Do

Important Things Home Sellers Often Forget to Do If you are currently thinking of selling your home, your to-do list is probably as long as your arm is. There’s just so much to think of: how much you should sell for, which agent you are going to use to help you sell, where you are […]

selling home that needs updates

I Don’t Have Money for Updates; Should I Offer a Discount When Selling My Home?

Most real estate agents will advise that home sellers make sure their property is in the very best condition it can possibly be before it goes on the market. This is because the discerning buyer will keenly inspect the property for any flaws, especially when it comes to those parts of the home that may […]

selling home during recession

Should You Sell Your Home During a Recession? 5 Crucial Things To Consider

The economic consequences of the coronavirus breakout are likely to be felt for as long, and perhaps even longer than the health crisis itself. As the world tries to come to terms with these consequences while battling Covid-19, Australia has unfortunately also felt the economic brunt of the virus. Ending the longest uninterrupted economic growth […]

virtual tours during coronavirus

How To Show Your Home During the Pandemic: The Definitive Seller’s Guide to Virtual Tours and More

Covid-19 has put prospective home sellers and homebuyers in a precarious position. Despite wanting to buy or sell property, the contagious virus has led governments to impose far-reaching lockdowns in most countries around the world. Considering the coronavirus spreads from one person to another by means of small droplets in the air, social distancing has […]

home selling during coronavirus

The Home Seller’s Guide To Striking the Right Deal, Despite the Pandemic

Last year, prospective home sellers looking to put their property on the market in 2020 could never have envisioned the unique circumstances at play in the current Australian housing market. The coronavirus outbreak has thrown the entire global economy into unchartered waters, affecting just about every single industry out there. Both locally and abroad, fluctuating […]