How To Sell Your Property In A Cold Market

Right now is a tough time to sell your property. Interest rates are biting, and borrowers are being squeezed. Buyers are taking a wait-and-see approach, hoping that if they revisit the market, prices will fall even more. While the market is recording a dip in prices, it’s not enough for most buyers. They’re afraid of […]

Cybercriminals Target The Australian Property Market

Times are tough in the Australian property market. House prices are down, and may keep falling in key areas. Inflation and soaring energy costs aren’t helping buyers either. The cost of living is through the roof. Money is tight and even a fraction of a percentage point added to interest rates will exacerbate the financial […]

Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

When you sit down to interview a potential real estate agent, you shouldn’t be shy about asking pointed questions. After all, this person will be handling the sale of your most significant asset. It’s only human nature to try to avoid offending another party. Sometimes we might mistake “brass tacks” for crossing an imaginary line. […]

Perfect Agent Can Help You Find The Real Estate Agent

Right now, we’re in a difficult property market. When the market is at its best, it’s still a tricky field to negotiate in, unless it’s your daily profession. Not only is the work that needs doing time-consuming and the effort required draining, but there are consequences. Whether you’re buying an investment property or selling your […]

What Does It Cost To Sell Your House?

When arranging to sell your house in Australia, you’re more likely to wonder how much you’ll get for the sale. But whatever that figure will be, it must pay off the costs incurred from selling it. You realise, without saying, that the first expenses will be your real estate agent and solicitor. Knowing you’ll incur […]