Modern cream coloured kitchen

Don’t Make These 5 Kitchen Décor Mistakes When Showing Your Home to Potential Buyers

Common Kitchen Décor Mistakes When Selling A Home The kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that can make or break a sale. If it’s impressive, it’ll be something that people viewing your property will remember. If it’s shabby and uninspiring, it’ll be something they won’t forget. Before opening your house for viewing […]

moving tips

5 tips to make moving a breeze

Everyone will have to move to a different residence at some point in their lives, and Australians aren’t any different: a study found that close to 42% of Australians aged 5 and over moved home between 2006 and 2011. Add to that more recent studies by PCP Market Research on behalf of In-Deed that reveal […]

Home renovations, paint and ladder in the room.

Want to Sell a Fixer Upper? 5 Tips That Will Guide You To Maximize Your Profit

 Not all homes on the market are ready to move in to once the deal is signed. While almost all buyers could probably find something they’d change or improve on, even if the property they’ve bought ticks every single box, there is another category of homebuyer who is not discouraged when a property does not […]

5 Things Meticulous Buyers Will Look for When Inspecting Your Property

What Buyers Will Look For In Home Inspections Even if you love the little quirks of your property, and even if you think that the old-timey feel your home has gives it character, the resale value of your property is inextricably linked to the state that it is in. Don’t underestimate the savvy of modern […]

Small wooden table with telescope books and potted plants in modern dining room

Try These Tricks if You Need to Decorate a Small Living Space

How to Decorate an Apartment or Townhouse One of the drawbacks of apartments and townhouses is that they typically don’t have the spacious rooms that a freestanding house has – nor do they have as many rooms. This often proves to be a challenge for homeowners in terms of storage and decoration. When there’s only […]