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Interested in Real Estate? Give These Podcasts a Listen

Real Estate Podcasts If you haven’t gotten into them yet, prepare yourself, because podcasts are about to rock your world. It seems that video may not have killed the radio star after all, as these episodic series of digital audio files are taking the world by storm. And it couldn’t be more convenient – listening […]

What Do Real Estate Agents do for Sellers

What Do Real Estate Agents do for Sellers? An Inside Look at Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

How Real Estate Agents Represent Home Sellers Selling a home is no small undertaking. Aside from the significant monetary value that property holds, home sellers are often also quite emotionally invested when it comes to the property they might have called home for years. In this regard, home sellers often make the mistake of assuming […]

What are the first steps to selling a house

What are the first steps to selling a house? 7 Surprising Tips That You Would Never Guess

Are You Ready To Sell Your House? Deciding to sell your property is something that may seem very daunting, especially if you’re in a hurry to do so. However, selling your house doesn’t need to be something that puts you under undue stress or pressure. 7 Tips That Will Make Selling Your Home Stress-Free Make […]

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What Is the Difference Between Fixed and Tiered Commission?

Fixed and Tiered Commission Commission structures are to the real estate industry what car insurance is to the automobile industry: it’s necessary, because it makes it easier to manage difficult situations when they arise. Wrecking a car that isn’t insured is just as inconvenient and irresponsible as cheating yourself by selling your biggest asset at […]

How To Get the Best Price When Selling Your House

How To Get the Best Price When Selling Your House: 7 Ways To Maximise the Equity On Your Home

How to Sell Your House for the Most Money Considering it is one of the biggest sources of wealth for some of the richest people in Australia, the property market has the potential to reap big financial rewards for those who know how to market and sell homes at the best possible price. With that […]