Australia’s Top 5 Female Real Estate Agents

Women can do anything that men can do — like getting pregnant and giving birth. Joking aside, women are great at doing stuff. Among that “stuff” is selling real estate. Real Estate Business recognises the terrific job they do moving homes for a tidy profit. It’s important to make a special case for women, and […]

Australia’s Most Expensive Homes, 2022

They are the 1% of real estate, which only the wealthiest can afford. And we do mean the wealthiest. Most of us wouldn’t live in them even if we could afford to. We’d need a battalion of servants on hand. The cost of maintaining these haciendas would probably buy a small suburb. We’re talking about […]

The 2022 Australian Home Of The Year

The Housing Industry Australia has announced its annual awards and unveiled the Australian of the Year. The HIA went all-out, scrutinising every new Australian home with a spirit level and magnifying glass. Well, with a keen eye, anyway. Armed with strict criteria for judging the winning domiciles, they settled on a list of top houses. […]

Sell Your Property Like A Star

Imagine if you could sell your property like a celebrity. Being a big star, you could shift a fully-furnished loo for a million bucks if you fancied. Punters will pony up an arm and a leg for a diva’s house just because they’re famous, right? Afterwards, they can chivvy off the bathroom tiles and flog […]

Australia’s Top Real Estate Agents

When trying to nail down Australia’s best real estate agents, you will encounter different opinions. That’s because the industry judges its own. Lists of the top-performing real estate agents seem to have an industry nexus that precludes objectivity. They come with official-sounding names, like the Real Estate Industry of Australia and the Australian Property Industry. […]