What Will the Australian Home Look Like in 2030?

Old houses have a charming appeal, but they’re no longer being built. New homes pique people’s curiosity, but what’s new today is ancient tomorrow. At a time when technology, social patterns, and new environmental models are converging, the future is bound to look different. That is the future of the average Australian home. Indeed, will […]

The Pros And Cons Of Apartment Living

In times past, the wisdom has been to buy land. But they’re not making any more of it. Australia is filling up. The great Australian dream of owning a quarter-acre home is changing. Apartment living is increasingly becoming the choice for many Australians. Given the pattern in which Australians move homes, it is very likely […]

How Much Does It Cost For Removalists?

Moving houses is a major inconvenience. Packing all your things, choosing what to keep and what to throw away, it’s all part of the rigmarole. This is a time when every dollar makes a difference. Everyone’s circumstances are different. You may have embarked on a home loan, downsized for fiscal purposes, or upsized to a […]

Where Are The Most High-Risk Areas To Buy Property?

Australia has a harsh climate. The country is hot and humid with a high risk of natural calamities like bushfires, tropical cyclones, and flooding. Recent floods have wreaked havoc on Australia’s east coast. Lives were lost and houses were damaged. The government deployed the Australian Defence Force to affected communities. In light of recent natural […]

The Metaverse Real Estate Boom Is Out Of This World

Once upon a time, people lived happily in the real world and bought houses made from bricks and mortar. Now, they can buy real estate in the virtual world—the metaverse, to be precise. Bricks and grout are being replaced by pesky ones and zeroes. This seems silly to a pragmatist; after all, you can’t live […]