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Why Should I Use a Real Estate Agent?

People who are looking to buy or sell a home often ask themselves if they need the services of a real estate agent to navigate the process or should they do it themselves. Although you may want to save money and complete each step on your own, there are many benefits that come with hiring a professional. When determining if you would benefit from the services, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you a good negotiator?

One of the main services of real estate agents is negotiating the selling price of a home for their client, you the vendor or you the purchaser. Purchasers and vendor’s alike always want to get ‘the best price’. An agent works as the middle man. This can also make it easier to save thousands of dollars by using a professional agent who is more experienced with the process. They have access to comparable sales in the area and highlight the benefits of your particular property. An agent takes the emotion out of the transaction which is often the most important part of negotiation.

Can you find unlisted properties?

Buyers can use a real estate agent to have access to properties that may not be listed on the market or that are about to be listed on the market. Banks often inform the professionals of homes that are not advertised, which can make it easier to obtain a better deal and find a property that other buyers are not aware of.

Can you stage the home professionally?

One of the most important steps to take when selling a property is staging the property to show off its full potential. This allows homeowners to envision living in the space and will help the property to stand out on the market with professional decorating. A real estate agent can arrange to stage the property from beginning to end, which can potentially allow you to sell faster.

How can a real estate agent save me money?

Although many people assume that they can save money by selling or purchasing a property without the help of an agent, it’s proven that a professional can help you to pocket more money after closing the deal. This is often due to strong negotiating skills and helping you to price a home at the right price to ensure that it doesn’t sit on the market for an extended period.


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