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A Guide to Selling Your Property in Australia

No matter how good the real estate market is, selling a house is always a complicated process even to those who have sold a house before. When selling your house, knowing the value of your property is key. You can know the value of your property by getting a valuation.

Steps to sell your house

Get a building inspection

A building inspection will give you an early warning on any repairs that you may be required to undertake. A home buyer will also request to have a home inspection to ensure that they will not incur repair expenses.

Research on the internet

Many property sellers rifle through newspapers to view auction results. However, it is worth going online and take a tour through some of the many real estate websites. Some of them have detailed and complex database information on sales and property prices. Most of these websites will offer a property report for a reduced fee while others will offer a free valuation. However, you may be required to register with your details.

Make your home more appealing before marketing

A buyer’s market is very competitive and you have to put your best foot forward. If your home isn’t appealing, potential buyers will not buy it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in renovation, as long as you bring out your creative flare and make your property appealing. Other things you can do to attract buyers is to stage the home. Your agent can often refer you to a professional home stager.

Engage service providers

If you decide to use a real estate agent to help you, utilise the service of Perfect Agent to shortlist real estate agents prior to listing your house. We will find the best agent specific to your requirements. Choosing to sell without the help of an agent is an option if you have the confidence, and ability to negotiate prices and contracts. You could also lose thousands of dollars if you are not prepared and have market knowledge.


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