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How Do I Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Australia

You may have heard of horror stories related to sale and buying of houses in Australia. For example: shady property scams usually targeting elderly Australian where an unprofessional real estate agent goes on to rip off their customers with ridiculous sales commissions, third party price hikes in auctions, or backdoor pre-arranged sales. That is why, it is critically important to be thorough when searching for estate agents.

Is Using Real Estate Agents Worth It?

You might even be considering avoiding the use of a real estate agent when buying or selling a house. Understandably, we all want to save as much money as we can and so we might be thinking to sell our own property to avoid unnecessary costs.

First, think of it this way, would you play in a game of Rugby at international grand finals? If you are not a professional player, then the answer would obviously be ‘No’. Because being a spectator compared to actually being the player are two completely different scenarios. Selling and or buying a property is no different. If we walk in to a property sales deal without any prior knowledge of the average or median house prices, or experience about house sales process in Australia, then we are already setting ourselves up for a significant loss without professional help. Consider these helpful tips when choosing a real estate agent in Australia.

A Good Real Estate Agent Will Help You Choose a House That Meet Your Needs

Sometimes it is difficult to choose from the many houses currently for sale on the market.  This is why it is a great idea to write down a strict checklist before you start.  This list should outline things that you definitely want and those that you are willing to compromise on (e.g. large backyard, balcony, or, city views etc.)

When you are doing the property search alone, often times you do not know where exactly to start looking and might go looking in the wrong suburbs. With no connections within a new area and equipped with limited knowledge, you may find yourself going from home to home until you end up making undesirable compromises just to settle on a decision which you later may regret.

Having a licensed real estate agent on your side can help you to avoid stressful and pressured decisions. When you hire an estate agent, you simply provide them the strict criteria of your wants and needs, they may even already know where to find a home that matches your requirements, or one that even goes beyond your initial expectations.

Real Estate Agents Can Better See Undetected Issues with Your New Home

As a prospective new homeowner you sometimes are not fully aware of everything that can go wrong with a house that you are looking to purchase. For an experienced real estate agent, identifying defects at first sight is not hard at all, or, if they see any issues with the property that requires further analysis, then, they have specialists that they can call upon for further clarification for you.

Going into the house purchase on your own, you might be tempted with the visual appeal of a house, but may miss out on seeing the dangers that lie beneath, such as, in construction, materials, or structural issues. Although rare, the seller might not be fully honest with defects of his/her home since their primary aim is to encourage you to make the purchase and sign the deal. Once you sign the contract then it might be too late to address these undetected issues. As you can imagine that can be a disaster for any house buyer when home ownership should really be an exciting occasion.

Professional Estate Agents Will Help You Avoid Being Misled on the Price Offer

It is often the case that not knowing exactly what one is looking for might cause you to be offered a price that seems like a good deal when it actually isn’t. There are many factors that go into property valuation, and it requires experience and knowledge to know what to look out for best house prices. A good real estate agent can spot a great price from a mile away, and can introduce you to those that will be beneficial to you according to your expectations.

When You Find a Good Real Estate Agent They Can Negotiate a Better Deal for You

Property buying and selling negotiations can be a complex process indeed, and if you enter into negotiations unprepared, you may give the other party the advantage. The negotiation is one of, if not, the most important part of the sales process. This is where you settle on the actual sale price which can be in excess of 10000’s of dollars if not negotiated thoroughly.

How to Find the Perfect Estate Agent That Will Ensure You Do NOT Sign Bad Contracts

Going into a contract means agreeing to certain terms and conditions that you will continue to adhere to until the contract becomes invalid. These terms are protected under the governing laws of Australia. That means that if you sign something that turns out to be less than beneficial to you, it is going to be difficult to get your way out of it.

Working with a real estate agent will prevent you from making this critical error often made when a property is bought and sold. Finding the perfect estate agents who can work closely with you, explain the current legislation and assist you during the entire process of signing contracts when buying or selling a property can provide you with a piece of mind so that you are better protected from unlawful claims.

Finding a Suitable Real Estate Agent with Perfect Agent Finder is Easy

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It is simple. When you can, hiring a real estate agent to help with the process of selling and buying a house can mean that you get the best possible outcomes according to your wants and needs. Most Australians find a real estate agent instead of going for it alone. This is simply because the purchase of a home is a huge decision and investment that you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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