Australia’s Top 5 Female Real Estate Agents

Women can do anything that men can do — like getting pregnant and giving birth. Joking aside, women are great at doing stuff. Among that “stuff” is selling real estate. Real Estate Business recognises the terrific job they do moving homes for a tidy profit. It’s important to make a special case for women, and REB signals their virtues around equality by doing just that. Recently, they published their list of the 50 top female real estate agents. Nobody considers real estate as being an exclusively male domain. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go out of our way to applaud women for being women. Judging by what’s in the news, it becomes harder to be a woman every day. That’s why we think it’s important too. Not to mention that our boss is a woman. Having said that, we take a look at the top five female real estate agents.

What Makes A Top Female Real Estate Agent?

The REB discovered certain facts when they investigated what makes women top real estate agents. They crunched numbers, looked up common elements, and pored over statistics. Subsequently, they were able to create a profile of what it takes to be an award-winning woman in real estate as a result of this. She’ll need at least 17 years of experience to make it onto their top 50 agents list, for example. She will, however, have two employees working for her behind the scenes. The realtors that made it onto their list for 2022 sold 105 homes in 2021. That’s a lot of happy clients when you add them all together! To break into the top ten, they averaged 22 years of experience and sold around 130 houses in 2021.

The Top Five Female Real Estate Agents

1/ Helen Yan, Ray White, Balwyn North, Vic

Helen Yan could sell ice to the Icelanders. A born closer, Helen has had 12 years in the business and earned her spot at the top. If there was a glass ceiling, she put her high heels through it and shattered it back to sand. Helen wore the crown as Australia’s top real estate agent from 2016 to 2018. She is considered one of Australia’s top real estate agents. Now she’s on top again and flogging houses like there’s no tomorrow. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, this property tigress uses her Chinese heritage to her advantage. With many overseas clients joining the stampede of Chinese snapping up Australian property, she is well-situated. Helen is so invested in the overseas community that she’ll practically sign their immigration papers and swear them in as citizens. Her record sits at the very apex of high-achievers.

With her properties spending an average of 41.71 days on the market, she’s shifted 128 for 202 secured listings. In terms of total property sold, she boasts $326,184,288 worth of prime real estate. This is at an average price of $2,548,314.75. Helen puts her impressive statistics down to her “honesty.” She believes “the key to success is to be open and fair with every customer—both buyers and sellers.” We couldn’t agree more. Her strict Catonian work ethic is brutal. Helen inhales the scent of a property as if it’s an intoxicating substance. She lives and breathes real estate. Her credo may well be that a day without a sale is a day wasted.

2/ Vivien Yap, Ray White, Dalkeith, WA

Vivien Yap is known around Perth as the “one-billion-dollar woman.” Looking at her performance record, she’s worth every cent. Ray White’s Dalkeith-Claremont director, Vivien, has been much in the news recently. Vivien was listed among The West Australian’s ‘50 Most Powerful People in Property’ in 2019. Surprisingly, Vivien ran two successful pharmacies after graduating from the University of Western Australia. But she got bitten by the real estate bug, which is where her true passion lay. It was like an overwhelming tide, and she gave into it. Since then, she’s chalked up a swag of awards and has been named REB’s top residential agent in 2021 and 2022. Vivien brings a definite oriental glamour to the property market. She is fluent in five languages, among them Cantonese, Malay, Mandarin, and Indonesian, and is the go-to woman for Asian investors.

Vivien’s ten years in the industry have seen her tackle WA’s tough and stagnant market to become its top seller. She has a support staff of three and sold 155 properties at an average of 41.8 days from listing. Vivien has offloaded 155 out of 171 quality houses. Her tally is like a Lotto windfall, with $335,724,288 worth of real estate sold at $2,165,963.15 per sale. The question on everyone’s lips is, how does she do it? The answer is simple: hard work! Renowned for her gruelling schedule, Vivien works ten hours a day, six days a week. Her routine is enough to make the rest of us feel exhausted.

3/ Jennifer Carr, Louis Carr Real Estate, West Pennant Hills, NSW

Jennifer Carr owns West Pennant Hills. This is Jen’s turf, and other real estate agents beware! Jennifer is co-owner and licensee of Louis Carr Real Estate. She’s been in the industry for an astonishing 38 years. She first entered the property biz back in 1985, working alongside her grandmother. This tenacious tycoon knows her community, and that’s what gives her an edge. The industry has recognised this savvy saleswoman’s achievements many times. The REB has included her Top 100 Agents and Top 50 Women in Real Estate in 2017, 2018, and now! Jen ranked as the number one agent in Pennant Hills from 2017 to 2019.

Jennifer’s listings spend just 20.8 days on the market. Properties invariably sell at around $2,228,412.59. From 155 listings, she’s sold 150 homes. With such a healthy average, her total residential portfolio weighs in at $334,261,888. Much of her business comes from returning clients. Her greatest gift, it seems, is her almost paranormal negotiating skills.

4/ Suzanne Hibberd, Abode Property Agents, Sutherland Shire and St George areas, NSW

Suzanne Hibberd, the founder of Abode Property Agents, has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. She learned her trade early on, training with the Real Estate Institute of NSW. From there, Suzanne earned a Trainer of the Diploma in Property at Gymea TAFE. After starting her career as a sales manager at The Professionals at Kogarah, Suzanne became the director at Cronulla Real Estate. The lady knows her stuff, and her field of expertise is not limited to residential property. Developers often consult Suzanne about council zoning and local environmental planning issues. She’ll counsel them on matters of location, viable architectural designs, and a host of related minutiae. It’s no surprise that she’s made the REB’s top lists for the past four years. Having slam-dunked sales throughout the Southern suburbs of Sydney, Suzanne holds the local record for sales prices.

Suzanne gets by with the support of only one other person, and her houses barely stay on the market. They’ll spend an average of 23 days on the listings before being sold. Out of 283 listings, she disposed of 208 at a usual price of $1,956,389.67. In total, she’s generated $403,016,273. We’re guessing that she’ll sit at the top of REB’s top female agents for quite some time.

5/ Laura McKay, Highland Property Group, Cronulla, NSW

Laura McKay is one of Highland Property Group’s top-tier. According to her profile, she “leads and mentors a team of over 40 sales agents with boundless energy.” And she’d need it with a team that huge. However, only one other person helps her shoulder the weight when selling prestige waterfront properties. She has bagged a bounty of awards during her 21 years on the frontline of residential property sales. Last year, she was REB’s number one woman in real estate. As an accredited auctioneer, 75% of her sales are down to word of mouth. She’s just that good. It’s a little wonder that she is such a boss in the Sutherland Shire area. Laura grew up in Cronulla and knows a thing or two about the southern suburbs. She lives for her clients and won’t rest until she scores the best price for their property.

Women like Laura, profiled by REB’s criteria, are only just beginning their dream run. And the competition is fierce with stats like Laura’s. When she takes on a property, it just itches to find a new owner. Her properties seldom make it past 26.68 days after being listed. Then, when she negotiates a sale, she’ll generally walk away with the stupendous sum of $2,764,286.36. That’s why her name is whispered with such awe in her local property market. The 204 residential property listings she’s chalked up were whittled in half, with 110 houses finding new owners. Laura has reaped $304,071,500 in total. That’s what we call a winner!


Women are a force to be reckoned with when selling a home. They can entice a customer, but when it comes to closing the deal, they’re formidable. And such is the case with our five top ladies. However, while they are the best five out of a list of 50, that list spreads to 100. The message here is that whether or not your agent is a man or a woman, what counts is the results. It’s the money that goes into your bank account at the end of the day, no matter what else. For that, you need to find the best real estate agent for you. That’s where Perfect Agent comes in—we’ll pair you with the ideal professional at no cost! If you’re selling your home and want the best price you can get, contact us without delay!