Tips for Efficient Junk Removal and Property Clean Outs

Tips for Efficient Junk Removal and Property Clean Outs

Every once in a while, every house needs a good clean out. You may be cleaning out your place as you finish up a lease, carrying out an estate clean out or just wanting to do a thorough spring clean of your own place. Regardless of your reason, there’s no doubt it can be a big and overwhelming job – especially if you need to remove junk like large appliances, furniture and other household goods. So whether you choose to call on the professionals or do the work yourself, here are a few handy tips for efficient junk removal and property clean outs.


Recycle and dispose of any junk, including your plastics, metals, glass, cardboard, paper, aluminium, cartons and any other materials your local recycling bins accept. Also, get creative by repurposing and reusing as many items as you can for another reason.


Donate any items that are still in good condition to op shops or secondhand furniture stores. This not only provides the opportunity for someone else to love your items for years to come, but it also means you could be doing your part to support charities like the Salvo’s, St Vinnies and RSPCA.


If you’re wanting to fund any future purchases or just need some extra cash, selling items can be a great idea. You could take items to a market, have a car boot or garage sale or even make an easy online listing by posting items for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay.


Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your place, keeping your property maintained is super important. Spend some time analysing the walls, floors, fixtures and other areas of your interior as well as the walls, roof, drains, pipes, pool, gardens and other areas of your exterior to determine what areas need extra loving care. Make a list of jobs you’ll be able to take on by yourself and note which areas you may need some help with from a professional. For the jobs that you feel you can get done on your own, take a trip to Bunnings and let the restoring begin!

Clean your interiors

Not only is maintenance important, but so is keeping your surfaces clean. For a big clean out, a deep clean is a necessity. For your interiors, remove and wash light fittings, making sure to dry them properly before reattaching. Replace any light bulbs that are no longer working and wipe down other appliances such as air conditioners, ceiling fans, and smoke alarms. Also, wipe down any areas that are prone to collecting dust such as the exhaust fans in your kitchen, bathroom and toilet, as well as venetian blinds. You should also wash and vacuum your curtains, and use a sponge or duster to remove pesky spots left by flies or insects. Use a vacuum inside any wardrobes and cupboards and wipe down all surfaces, doors and light switches. Remove any hooks, posters, sticky tape or blu tack residue off your walls and give your walls a thorough wipe down or a fresh coat of paint. Remember to clean your kitchen appliances such as the inside of your oven and cooktop. And if you have to remove anything in order to clean it, make sure you check with your appliance instruction manual for directions first. Wipe down any tap fittings in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Clean your exteriors

For the cleaning of your exteriors, tidy your property by removing junk such as dead leaves and plants, weeds, toys and rubbish. After you’ve cleared your outside areas, use a high pressure hose to remove dirt, cobwebs and other debris from your exterior tiling and walls. The next step is to trim any tidy trees, hedges and shrubs. If there are any stains on your driveway or on your garage door, scrub everything clean with a high quality oil remover. Finally, do a thorough sweep of your place to remove any leftover dirt and debris and leave your exterior looking sparkling clean!

Take a trip to the tip

There are many items that aren’t suitable for your local op shops. In this case, there are council facilities where you can drop off your unwanted items to be recycled or reused by other people. It is also a free service that is provided by the local council, providing the opportunity for you to move your unwanted goods so that others can put them to good use. Also, if you have sufficient garden debris from your exterior clean left over, it may be a good idea to also take this to the tip instead of maxing out your bin capacity.

Use a junk removal service

Doing a big clean up sure isn’t easy! If you’d rather someone else take care of the dirty work for you, get in contact with a junk removal service in Sydney to alleviate any physical or mental overwhelm. Whilst some of the jobs are merely time consuming, such as sorting through and reorganising your possessions, others require physical labour such as moving furniture, cleaning out rubbish, doing a deep clean and more. Using a junk removal service will not only save you from some of the tougher jobs but will ensure your items are disposed of in the correct way.

There you have it, practical tips and tricks for efficient junk removal and property clean outs. When you’re carrying out a property clean out it’s far more thorough, detailed and requires much more care and attention than the occasional clean. So tackling it room by room and hiring professionals where needed will be your best bet. There is no denying that it will be a big job – but it’ll also be an extremely rewarding one once you’ve reached the finish line!