These Are The Things Meticulous Buyers Will Look For When Inspecting Your Property

When getting your home ready to sell, there are certain repairs that need to be done to your property, as they will have a significant influence on how interested potential buyers will be in your property.

These repairs are sometimes merely cosmetic, but real estate experts always advise sellers to take care of larger repairs to avoid complaints and even legal action due to problems not being disclosed before the sale.

Although recent research has shown that Australian buyers spend less than an hour inspecting property – that is less time than they spend inspecting a car before purchasing it – sellers shouldn’t assume that potential buyers won’t keep an eye out for faults.

The discerning property buyer or investor has a keen eye for detail, and these are some of the things they will inspect thoroughly before deciding to put in an offer to purchase.

A checklist for the discerning buyer

  1. They’ll check the plumbing, sinks and taps for drainage and leaks, and check that toilets flush properly.
  2. They’ll check for signs and smells of mildew and mould in cabinets that are located near wet areas like sinks, showers and baths.
  3. They’ll check the walls near showers and baths for corrosion and water stains.
  4. They’ll inspect the ceilings for sagging and make sure that they are fixed firmly.
  5. They’ll inspect the walls for cracks. Cracks wider than 2mm will set off warning signals.
  6. They’ll check the wall plastering for cracks.
  7. They’ll make sure that windows and doors are fitted and seal properly.
  8. They’ll make sure that external rooflines are straight.

It is always best to be fully prepared before your house goes on show. Not only will you avoid having to answer uncomfortable questions, but you will also be opening up the door to impressing a shrewd and critical buyer. Chances are that this buyer will be more than willing to pay what you’re asking for.

As always, first impressions are of cardinal importance.