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Remember These 10 Tips When Your House Is on Show

Once you have found an agent that you trust, your house will subsequently be put on show to attract the attention of potential buyers. Do not underestimate this step in the selling process – it can truly make or break a sale.

Anyone that is interested in buying property wants to experience the property first-hand before making a decision to buy, and only a precious few trust the curated photos that are put online. Therefore, it is important to try your utmost to appeal to potential buyers or renters.

You don’t necessarily know what type of person is looking into buying your property, so the best approach is to try to impress the average potential buyer. Lucky for you, that isn’t too difficult to do. Remember these 10 tips when your house goes on show.

1. The front door

The front door is the very first impression you are giving potential buyers. Make sure it’s not dusty, and that the doorknob or handle is clean and shiny. If it’s necessary, give it a fresh coat of paint or varnish. The front door establishes kerb appeal, and kerb appeal is what draws people to your property.

2. Make sure it’s clean

It goes without saying, but you need to make sure every room looks and smells clean. Steam your carpets and polish floors. Bake bread or brew some coffee to create a pleasing aroma that lingers, and don’t forget to put away things that tend to get smelly, like pet food and litter boxes. Do not forget to clean the windows: they can make a big difference in the lighting of your property, and dirty windows look tardy. Where it’s necessary, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.

3. Choose the correct lighting

White bulbs are harsh and tend to wash things out. Rather opt for bulbs with a yellowish hue – these create a warmer, more inviting atmosphere.

4. Put away sentimental knick-knacks

Potential buyers and renters need to see themselves in your space, so it’s always better to put away family photos, religious symbols and sentimental items, at least for the showing.

5. Make the space look bigger

There are a few tricks to make a space seem bigger than it actually is, and you need to utilise them as much as you can. Floor-length curtains create the illusion of higher ceilings, and striped rugs make a room seem bigger. However, get rid of rugs in very small spaces like bathrooms, as it can make a space seem cramped. Opting for clear shower curtains also make a bathroom seem more spacious. Put away small appliances that force the eye to stop looking around, and declutter all surfaces.

6. Establish the flow

Arrange furniture in a way that encourages a natural flow of traffic. It’s important to remember that there is a fine balance when it comes to rooms that look too small or too big for the furniture in them. If it’s necessary, move furniture between rooms, so the balance is just right, and ease of movement is emphasised.

7. Don’t forget the garage and garden

Making sure the garden and garage are clean and organised makes a world of difference to buyers. It isn’t necessary to get in a landscaper just before selling your home, but buyers are interested in the potential a garden has, so make sure that the lawn and hedges are trimmed, and that flowerbeds are neat. The garage is a storage space that can get cluttered and out of control very quickly. A disorganised garage also looks smaller. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the junk that you’ve been storing for years, and it makes for fewer boxes to pack when you move.

8. Declutter

We get used to living the way we do, and eventually do not even realise that a space is cluttered. You want every room to look as big an airy as possible, and that means packing away anything that distracts from the space itself. Use storage bins to put away toiletries in the bathroom, and put children’s toys in a box and out of sight.

9. Take care of nooks and crannies

There are always little areas that we overlook when we clean and dust. Especially if rooms aren’t used all that much, dust bunnies start forming in corners and under surfaces. Skirtings and windowsills collect dust quicker than you might think. Make sure the area behind your toilet, the corners of the shower and bath plug holes are shiny and squeaky clean.

10. The devil is in the detail

Buyers and renters have the eyes of hawks. They are going to open cupboards and closets to check for storage space, so make sure these are organised and tidy. Wipe down areas that are frequently touched, like banisters, doorknobs and light switches. You might think these aren’t really important in the bigger scheme of things, but potential property buyers are pernickety. They notice every last detail, and every detail matters.

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