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Real Estate Agent Finder: Trust Perfect Agent to Help You Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent

How Perfect agent can help you find the best real estate agent

Are you looking for your dream home or an investment property? Or has the time come to sell your home or income-generating property? Whatever the case, property sales are complex and will have a long-term impact on your financial wellbeing. If you are buying, you are looking at a large financial outlay, while if you are selling, you want to ensure that you get the highest possible return on your initial investment. So how can you ensure the success of such a large financial commitment?

One of the best ways to ensure your financial goals are achieved is to work with a licensed, experienced real estate agent. The right agent will guide you on your property journey, help you make the right decisions for your specific needs, steer you clear of pitfalls, reassure you and support you. Choosing the right real estate agent to represent you might even be the most important decision you make when buying, and especially when selling property.

But where can you find the perfect agent to represent you? How can you be sure an agent can be trusted with the mammoth responsibility of getting the best price for your home, or to help you find your dream home?

That is where Perfect Agent can help you. The mountains of information available online can be overwhelming, and Perfect Agent, an agent finder, sifts through all the information – so you don’t have to, finding the real estate agent that best suits your needs. And this service is free of charge, making it a win-win for you.

Buying, renting, or selling? We have the perfect agent for you!

Whether you are looking for a property to rent or buy, want to sell your home, or need a managing agent to manage your rental property, Perfect Agent’s streamlined process will put you in touch with the top-performing experts in your area of interest, all screened according to your specific needs and vetted by our team of experts.

We know how stressful the property sales or renting process can be, and aim to reduce your stress and concerns by finding the perfect real estate agent for you – meaning you can rest assured that you are being represented by a licensed, top-performing professional in your area of interest, at no cost to you.

So, how does it work? All you have to do is fill out a quick survey of your property needs, specifying whether you want to buy, sell, rent or rent out.

Once you have completed and submitted the survey to us, we will send you the information and quotes of licensed, top-performing real estate agents in your area of interest. You will receive this information within 48 hours of submitting the survey. It’s that simple.

Compare real estate agents at no cost to you

You wouldn’t just walk into a car dealership and buy the first car you see. Think of the last time you bought a big-ticket item, for example an appliance or cell phone. You definitely did some research on the available brands and their capabilities, and compared them with each other to see which would suit you best and offer the most bang for your buck. Appointing a real estate agent should be the same – this person will influence the success of one of the biggest purchases or sales you will be involved in: a property transaction. When you consider the impact a property transaction will have on your finances and future, it becomes clear why you need to compare the qualifications, experience, track record and successes of the real estate agents you consider – they will be saddled with a very important task and work with one of the biggest assets you will ever buy or sell. While comparing different real estate agents is vital, this is very time-consuming, and requires you to delve deeply into an area you might not be an expert in – real estate, and all the legalities and complications involved in property transactions. Are you already feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of comparing real estate agents with each other? Why not let experts do it for you, free of charge? This is what Perfect Agent does. We compare different real estate agents in your area of interest, according to your needs, and only recommend top-performing, licenced real estate agents, vetted and qualified by our team of experts. Again, this service is 100% free of charge to you.  Whether you’re renting out an investment property, selling your house or looking for your dream home, Perfect Agent should be the first step on your property journey.

Perfect Agent does all the research, so you don’t have to

As discussed, appointing the right real estate agent can make all the difference when it comes to buying, selling or renting property. The right agent can ensure success, streamline the process for you and fight on your behalf, while the wrong agent can cause you a lot of stress and waste your time and money. Just as with any big decision, appointing a real estate agent should be carefully considered, especially if you don’t want to appoint the wrong agent.

This means doing a lot of research before choosing the agent you trust enough to represent you during the property transaction. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of estate agents (which in itself can be an arduous and time-consuming process), you have to research and vet each of the prospective agents carefully. Are they licensed? What is their success rate? How active are they in the area you are interested in? How professional are they? Will they be able to help you achieve your goals? All of these questions need to be answered and corroborated before you decide on a real estate agent. Clearly, this requires a large investment of time and effort on your part. But what if a trusted middleperson could do all the heavy lifting for you? That is exactly what Perfect Agent does . We vet and curate real estate agents according to your needs – all at no cost to you. Why should you burden yourself with all the research, if a capable and experienced agent finder like Perfect Agent can do it for you, and find a real estate agent who ticks all your boxes?

Perfect Agent provides you with 2 to 3 quotes from the best real estate agents

So, how exactly does Perfect Agent work? All you have to do is answer a few questions in our online survey. This will take only take a few minutes, and help us determine your needs. After we receive your survey, we will get back to you within 48 hours, and recommend two to three agents that meet your specifications. We will only recommend top-performing real estate agents in your area of interest, thereby guaranteeing your success, whether you are buying, selling or renting. You can also rest assured – our team of experts will only select real estate agents that are licensed, qualified and experienced, so you will be in good hands.

Hire your real estate agent

Once you have received a list of recommended real estate agents from Perfect Agent, we recommend you interview these agents to see who will be the best fit for you. Regardless of qualifications and experience, the real estate agent you choose needs to be a good fit for you, personality-wise. Are you comfortable with the agent? Do they understand your needs? Are they able to answer your questions? Only by interviewing the agent will you be able to determine this.

Once you have chosen the real estate agent you want to represent you, especially if you are selling a property, ensure you come to a clear, well-worded agreement. Sellers will need to sign a mandate with the agent they choose, stipulating the terms of the agreement.


Choosing the right real estate agent is vital to the success of a property transaction, whether you are selling, buying or renting. However, finding and choosing the right agent can be overwhelming – where should you start? Where should you check their qualifications and success rates? How do they compare to other agents in your area of interest? This research is very important, but very time consuming. Why not leave it to the experts? Perfect Agent, a real estate agent finder, can do all the legwork for you, free of charge. Rest assured that we will find you qualified, capable and experienced real estate agents to guide you on your property journey. Are you looking for your dream home? Or to sell or rent? Let Perfect Agent take the stress of finding the right real estate agent off your plate by doing the research and comparisons for you – all free of charge. Contact Perfect agent today to start your property journey.