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Best Real Estate Agents in Sydney 

Who are the Best Real Estate Agents in Sydney?

That’s a million dollar question and one that can not be answered easily, as there are many factors to be considered when finding a real estate agent.

Perhaps a better way of phrasing the question is, who is the best real estate agent in Sydney Australia, for you?

Real estate is a lucrative business and some real estate agents will push their brand at every chance they get, because they are in the business of selling. However, the big bold agent might not be the right choice for your home or your market.

The key points

The key in finding the best real estate agent for you, is to look at what the needs are for your property.

  • The best real estate agent will have empathy and understand what you need and align their goals with yours.
  • They will be transparent and ethical in all matters.
  • They will know the area you’re selling in, and will understand the past, present and future clientele for this area.
  • They will be knowledgeable about the area and the prices.
  • And they will have a great reputation from their past clients.

So how do you find out if they are the best real estate agent for you? Pull a shortlist together, and then meet with them. This is an important relationship and one that needs to be well considered before you dive into a contract together.

By meeting with them, you can feel if they are the best representative for your home. Imagine yourself as the buyer – would you like to do business with this person?

Research as much as you can, look up blogs, forums, online reviews and talk to people. Look at similar properties in the same area yours is in, and see who is getting great results. This is your home, and your money, so be confident and professional and if you do your homework, and trust your instinct, then you will find the best real estate agent in Sydney…for you.


If you are short of time however, invest 2 minutes of your time and complete our easy-to-follow questionnaire below and let us find you the best real estate agents in your area.