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Panoramic view of Canberra at sunset.

According to statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, 937 estate agents do business in the Australian Capital Territory, comprising 534 real estate establishments.

The Australian capital, Canberra, is located in the Australian Capital Territory, and while the percentage of its population in terms of the country’s population is relatively small in comparison to other cities, a smaller real estate pool makes a qualified and experienced real estate agent indispensable.

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Welcome to the Bush Capital

Often affectionately referred to as the Bush Capital, Canberra is the only Australian territory or state capital that is not located on or near the coast, and is the country’s largest inland city.

Canberra was purposely chosen as the capital city of Australia after deliberation about a location in New South Wales for the capital that would not be closer than 100 miles to Sydney.

It ranks at number 3 on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list for 2018, and has a myriad of architectural and historical points of interest, as well as many annual festivals and culinary attractions.

“I have planned a city not like any other city in the world. I have planned it not in a way that I expected any governmental authorities in the world would accept. I have planned an ideal city, a city that meets my ideal of the city of the future.”
– Walter Burley Griffin, talking of his plan for Canberra, 1912 (from The New York Times, Sunday, June 2, 1912)

Facts about Canberra

  1. Canberra’s name is thought to derive from the Aboriginal word “Kamberra”, which means “meeting place”. This is quite apt, seeing as Canberra huddles between two mountains: Black Mountain and Mount Ainslie.
  2. Canberra has a population of around 390,000, making up about 1.64% of Australia’s population.
  3. Canberra is a planned city and the inner city area was designed by Walter Burley Griffin, a significant 20th century American architect
  4. For more than 100 years, Canberra has been the home of Australia’s judicial, executive and legislative arms of government.

Architecture in Canberra

Walter Burley Griffin’s design of Canberra’s inner city area left room for several buildings and monuments that pay homage to an evolving city and each one has a story to tell.

Canberrans are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful buildings: the National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, the National Gallery of Australia (which holds Australia’s largest collection of Indigenous Australian artwork), the National Film and Sound Archive, the National Library and Parliament House are just a few that are worth mentioning.

Modern urban developments can be found throughout the city. Canberra Airport is a gem, and Hotel Hotel in the cultural precinct of NewActon is a critically acclaimed collaboration between artists, artisans and designers that has been awarded the Australian Institute of Architects’ National Architecture Award – definitely worth a visit.

Modern real estate in Canberra

Canberra has a total of 71,018 occupied private dwellings, according to the 2016 census, of which 68.4% are separate houses, and semi-detached houses and flats, respectively, almost equally make up the rest.

Residents of Canberra often relocate from larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne to work in governmental and political agencies and the media, and the city also hosts a large student population thanks to its prestigious universities. The relatively small size of the city and its dense population means that rental yields in Canberra might be a little higher than in other cities.

Seven districts form the city of Canberra, with each district comprising of between 8 and 25 suburbs each. The average agent commission in Canberra is approximately 2.32%, but this might vary from agent to agent.

Finding the perfect real estate agent in Canberra

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