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What Are Good Qualities of Real Estate Agents

If you are preparing to buy or sell your home then you might be thinking of getting yourself a good real estate agent to help with the entire process. The real estate market in Australia (particularly in Sydney and Melbourne) is still booming. It requires sound knowledge to get in the current market and complete a transaction successfully.

Since a sale of house attracts high amount of dollars in each transaction, sellers and buyers are often reluctant to hire professional real estate agents thinking that they can manage the sales process without needing to pay a fee for professional assistance.

However, this approach has been proven to be difficult task and will likely end up with a very disappointing result compared to what you would have gotten with a professional real estate agent by your side. First of all, a good real estate agent will increase your chances of closing the sale successfully. It is surely not difficult to find experienced agents who can help get a better outcome from a sale. Here are some traits that you can look out for in good agents:

Real Estate Agent with Great Communication Skills

A good real estate agent must also be a good communicator to be able to be a good agent.

From the initial meeting you should ask the real estate agent about their communication methods. A good agent keeps regular contact with their clients. They should always keep you updated with the progress of the sale process. They will also notify you of important updates about the sale inquiries whether it is positive or not so desirable assuring you are informed all the time. Always consider hiring a courteous and prompt estate agents who is able to cater for any queries and requests that you may have.

Good Real Estate Agents Will Always Have Their Client’s Interest at Heart

The first rule of being a good real estate agent is being client-centric. Some real estate agents do not deliver well on their sales promise within a given time frame because their intentions and motivations may not in the right place. A good agent on the other hand will listen closely, and be attentive to your wants and needs so that they can try to meet them as best as they can.

They will always have your objectives at the centre of the discussions because the main aim ultimately must be to fulfill them.

Has Up-To-Date Knowledge of the Industry

Knowledge is a powerful commodity in the property market, and your estate agent should have enough knowledge in order to manage the sale process successfully. If your agent is going to help you put a house on the market, or assist you buying one, then, they need to be aware of the current state of the real estate industry so that good decisions can be made. A good agent will be aware of all the trends, including prices, movement of people and internal migration throughout Australia, interest rates, average and median price changes over time so that they will be able to tell you what will sell at what price and reasonable time frames for all sales.

Is Assertive Courteous and Charismatic

Real estate agents have many roles to play in the sale process life cycle, but although not mentioned often, a good salesperson know the importance of presentation, are great at negotiating and putting their sales value proposition in a way that is not pushy. Selling and negotiating is one the same, and at its core requires assertiveness and a touch of charisma. If your real estate agent is too laid back then they might not be able to push through to get the offer that you want. If your agent is too pushy or aggressive, then, the potential buyer will be gone prolonging the sale altogether. Ideally, being professional means many things, but above all else, its core ingredient is charisma and being courteous

Professional Estate Agents Must Have Good Connections

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There are different sectors that participate in this multi-billion dollar property industry, from developers to landlords, from property managers to housing finance providers, from painters to lawyers. A good real estate agent is also the one who has developed great connections and relationships with various professionals within the real estate industry. This will further assist you as the client since whatever else that may be required for the selling or buying a property, a good agent can utilize their connections to find solutions instead of you taking care of unforeseeable matters on your own.

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