Most Affordable Suburbs in Adelaide

The Top 10 Most Affordable Suburbs in Adelaide 2019

The Top 10 Cheapest Suburbs in Adelaide

Prospective property buyers are excited when a region’s property market shows growth, as this signals that buying a house in a certain area may be a venture that yields good profits in the future. When that region is on the outer bounds of a big city, opportunities for growth may be even more potentially lucrative, as these metros expand and people who work in the city are forced to seek accommodation outside of the city itself.

Nowhere is this more true than in the suburbs and cities surrounding Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. According to the latest study on the affordability of property in Australia, compiled by CoreLogic and Aussie Home Loans, Adelaide’s property market has shown the third-highest rate of annual growth among Australian capital cities. Whilst property in Adelaide is still relatively affordable, compared to the capital cities of other Australian states, the suburbs and cities surrounding Adelaide offer even higher affordability.

Especially the City of Playford offers many bargains to would-be homebuyers, and of the 20 cheapest suburbs in greater Adelaide, 15 are in Playford. Not too far from the Adelaide CBD, buyers and investors in search of an affordable property will find exactly that – here are the 10 most affordable suburbs in Adelaide in 2019.

1) Elizabeth North

Located just over 30 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD, the suburb of Elizabeth North formed a part of the now-defunct City of Elizabeth when it was established as a residential suburb in the late 1950s. The City of Elizabeth was officially amalgamated into the much bigger City of Playford in 1997, and Elizabeth North now houses 5,113 of the local government area’s almost 91,000 residents.

Its affordable housing makes Elizabeth North an attractive option for prospective buyers looking to secure property in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. According to a joint study done by Aussie Home Loans and CoreLogic, Elizabeth North is the cheapest of Adelaide’s outlying suburbs, and properties go for a median price of as little as $166,870.

2) Elizabeth Downs

Also a part of the former City of Elizabeth, and now incorporated into the City of Playford, Elizabeth Downs is a quiet suburb, mostly inhabited my families and retirees. Two government primary schools lay the educational foundations for the children in the suburb, with Craigmore High School lying just outside the northern boundary. Public transport options are aplenty, as is entertainment for sporting fans: the Argana Park sports precinct, located in the southwest of the suburb, hosts netball, cricket, rugby league and football clubs, with soccer facilities also available.

Many properties here – some residents cite figures of 65% – are owner-occupied, and the affordable price of property in this suburb probably have a lot to do with that. The median price of property in Elizabeth Downs is just $179,109.

3) Elizabeth

The humble suburb of Elizabeth was established and named after Queen Elizabeth II in 1955, expanding to become the municipality and later the City of Elizabeth in the mid-1960s. The City of Elizabeth became a part of the City of Playford in 1997, and still acts as the seat of government and the central business district of the city today. A number of schools tend to the educational needs of the local community, and the area has a lively sporting culture, being home to the Central District Bulldogs Aussie rules football team and the Playford City Patriots soccer club. Adelaide is only a 35-minute car drive away, and the area is also serviced by the public buses, run by the Adelaide metro.

Elizabeth offers property prospectors some of the cheapest homes in South Australia, and the median price of housing here is $186,453.

4) Davoren Park

Part of the Playford Alive urban renewal project, which aims to gentrify the area within the next few years, Davoren Park was named after one of the pioneering families in this suburb. It came to be after a merger between Elizabeth Field and the northern part of Elizabeth West on 11 November 1993, and is today affectionately called “the Dav” by locals. Davoren Park has access to all the amenities and facilities in Elizabeth, and is a half-an-hour’s drive from the Adelaide CBD.

Property in Davoren Park is dirt cheap, and the median house price is around $190,556.

5) Elizabeth South

2,864 people call Elizabeth South home. Together with neighbouring suburbs Elizabeth and Elizabeth North, Elizabeth South has become a part of the civic centre of the modern-day City of Playford, which was established in 1997. Elizabeth South was one of the earliest residential suburbs of the City of Elizabeth, which was part of from the late 1950s until the City of Playford was established.

Housing in Elizabeth South isn’t expensive – in fact, this suburb boasts some of the most affordable property in greater Adelaide. The median house price is only $193,645.

6) Smithfield

Also within the borders of the City of Playford, Smithfield gets its name from John Smith, a Scottish immigrant who first took ownership of this land somewhere around 1850. Just 10 years later, Smithfield would have its own railway station, telegraph station, an institute building, and several service providers. The Smithfield Speedway, which is located in what is now Elizabeth Downs, deserves a mention – it is believed to be the first speedway track in the world to be promoted by a motorcycle club.

Just like the suburbs surrounding it, Smithfield also has some of the most affordable property in greater Adelaide, and houses go for a median price of only $197,145. 

7) Thompson Beach

About 56 kilometres from Adelaide lay the tranquil coastal suburb of Thompson Beach. If a quiet lifestyle close to nature is what you’re looking for, look no further. Thompson Beach’s rich birdlife has given rise to the Bird Sanctuary and National Park, and the area is popular for bird watching, fishing and crabbing, with many natural trails offering respite and peace of quiet not too far from the city lights.

It may sound unbelievable for an idyllic location like this, but property in Thompson Beach is available at a median price of just $197,955 – a steal, and ideal for property investors looking to acquire coastal property.

8) Elizabeth Grove

Parks, amenities, schools and shops are all walking distance when you live in Elizabeth Grove, a suburb located within the City of Playford. Residents have access to all the facilities offered in the civic centre of Elizabeth, and public transport options make it easy to commute between this suburb and the Adelaide CBD. Elizabeth Grove is especially popular among young families, who value the services available in this part of South Australia.

Property in Elizabeth grove is highly affordable, both to first home buyers and property investors. The median price of property here is $199,974.

9) Elizabeth Park

Residents note the extensive growth the suburb of Elizabeth Park has shown over the past few years. This suburb of the City of Playford is located to the east of the Main North Road, with quick access to the highway leading to Adelaide. Elizabeth Park is flanked by its namesakes Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth, Elizabeth East and Elizabeth North, with the Argana Park sports grounds just around the corner to cater for the needs of soccer, football, netball and cricket fans.

Acquiring a property in Elizabeth Park might seem enticing to prospective homebuyers and property investors, and houses go for a median price of $200,432.

10) Smithfield Plains

Many of the properties in Smithfield Plains are newly built, and the new schools and town centre of this suburb in the City of Playford make it an attractive option for property buyers. In line with its history of innovation and development, Smithfield Plains is constantly growing, making it a suburb popular among young families and retirees alike.

The median house price in Smithfield Plains is $211,505, with houses on the cheaper end of the spectrum going for as little as $195,609 – if you’re looking for property not too far from Adelaide, but at a much better price, Smithfield Plains might just be the place you’re looking for.


Finding affordable property in greater Adelaide isn’t difficult, especially when looking at suburbs in the City of Playford, approximately 40 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD. 15 of the 20 cheapest suburbs in greater Adelaide can be found in this region just north of South Australia’s capital city. The 10 most affordable suburbs in Adelaide to buy property in may be well within the grasp of first-time homebuyers, or investors looking to expand their portfolio by acquiring real estate.

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