the most affordable suburbs in perth

The Most Affordable Suburbs in Perth 2019

The Top 10 Cheapest Suburbs in Perth

The property market in the capital of Western Australia isn’t quite showing the same growth as its fellow capital cities in Victoria and New South Wales, but buying a home in Perth still isn’t cheap – especially for first-time homebuyers.

For buyers willing to venture into greater Perth and take advantage of the many transport options available just south of the CBD to commute to work in the city, enjoying a suburban country lifestyle they can afford is very much within reach.

Have a look at the 10 most affordable suburbs in greater Perth.

1) Medina

Located within the City of Kwinana, the suburb of Medina was designed by the first female town planner in Perth, Margaret Feilman, in the early 1950s, and takes its name from one of the ships that carried settlers to the Swan River Colony in 1829 and 1830. This is a suburb where history can literally be found on every corner, and the streets here are named after the passengers and crew of the original Medina.

Medina has always been one of the most affordable suburbs in Western Australia, and lies approximately 30 kilometres south from central Perth. Despite a 21.3 percent rise in the median price of houses in Medina over the past few years, it remains the cheapest suburb in Perth, with houses selling for an average price of $232,639.

This suburb is known for its cottage-style properties and larger block sizes, and Medina’s 20-year revitalisation strategy promises further improvements of the infrastructure of the suburb to appeal to an ever-growing population of young families and first-time buyers looking for a property that’ll turn a profit.

2) Armadale

A hop, skip and jump from the Perth CBD via Cockburn Central, this suburb is located roughly 36 kilometres south of the capital of Western Australia. Getting to the city using public transport is easy, with railway and bus lines serving most of the area.

Rich in history, the township of Kelmscott, where present-day Armadale is located, had been occupied by Aboriginal people long before the formation of the Swan River Colony. Armadale housed the first lead and copper mine in the area, which was established in late 1846.

Today, Armadale is a lively urban centre and transport and cultural hub, with at least 11 educational institutions tending to the pedagogic wellbeing of the local community. It is popular among families and property investors alike.

A joint study by CoreLogic and Aussie Home Loans found Armadale to be among the very cheapest suburbs in Perth, with a median house price in the area of just $236,561.

3) Parmelia

In the midst of a $340 million city centre revitalisation, the suburb of Parmelia in the City of Kwinana is a popular area for young families and retirees. This suburb is lush and green and has some of the most extensive natural bush reserves and extensive parklands in the entire state of Western Australia.

Parmelia is located roughly 43 kilometres south of Perth when taking the Kwinana highway. Just like the other cities making up the City of Kwinana, Parmelia also takes its name from one of the ships that first brought settlers to the newly-established Swan River Colony. In fact, the Parmelia was the first ship to arrive in this area, carrying among its passengers the new Governor of the area, James Stirling, and his wife, Ella.

Parmelia is one of the cheapest Perth suburbs to buy property in, with a median house price of $241,298.

4) Calista

Close to two centuries ago, under the command of Captain S. Hawkins, the Calista arrived in the new Swan River Colony, carrying 73 passengers. Located within the City of Kwinana, the suburb of Calista now carries this ship’s name and, together with it, a rich history.

Calista is a suburb that is popular among people looking for cheaper properties and rentals, and its location in the City of Kwinana makes it a favoured area for families. Kwinana is a beach lover’s paradise, and Wells Park with its barbecue and picnic facilities and well-maintained lawns is another place where residents of this area can escape the hustle and bustle.

Calista is considered one of the cheapest places in Perth to buy property, and is also well priced for renters. The median house price in Calista stands at $242,581, while rentals go for as little as $250 a week.

5) Kwinana Town Centre

The wreck of the SS Kwinana can still be seen on the southern end of Kwinana beach, where part of it has lain since 1922. A sign next to the jetty reads: “The Kwinana was blown ashore on a deserted beach a gutted hulk in 1922, she gave her name to the beach, to the seaside resort that sprang up in later years, and finally to the £40,000,000 oil refinery and the huge industrial centre that is now the pride of Western Australia.”

The Kwinana also lent its name to the City of Kwinana, in which the Kwinana Town Centre is today a suburb comprising three large city blocks. In this part of town, you’ll also be able to visit the Koorliny Arts Centre, the Kwinana Recreation Centre, the Kwinana Aquatic Centre and the Kwinana Marketplace, making it a hub of activity and the heartbeat of the city.

The Kwinana Town Centre is amongst the most affordable suburbs in Australia and in Perth, and median house prices are currently at $242,948.

6) Camillo

Formerly part of Kelmscott, and known as Westfield until mid-2008, the suburb of Camillo lays within the City of Armadale, just 23 kilometres south of Perth.  

With easy access to major roads and train lines, Camillo is a great option for first-time buyers looking for affordable property close to the Perth CBD, and commuting from this urban and cultural hub is a breeze.

Armadale has plenty of educational institutions – 11 in all – making it a popular choice for families with young children. The price of property in Camillo should entice property investors and people looking to buy their first property – the median house price in this suburb is $243,736.

7) Orelia

Orelia residents have noticed many young families moving into this suburb in the City of Kwinana – not least due to the many facilities for families located in this area, one would presume. Among the many parks and other green spaces that the City of Kwinana is filled with, Orelia’s parks include Oakham Way and Brothwick Place, the Reilly Reserve, Rutherford Square, Hennessy Park, Varris Way and Nottingham Parkway. The Orelia Oval will excite sports enthusiasts, and is the home of the local Kwinana Cricket Club and the Kwinana Tigers Hockey Club.

Orelia, just like many other suburbs in the City of Kwinana, was named after a ship that first brought settlers to the then newly-established Swan River Colony in October 1829.

This suburb is among the cheapest in Perth to buy property, with a median house price of $247,697, according to a joint study by Aussie Home Loans and CoreLogic.

8) Mandurah

The second-largest city in Western Australia is located approximately 72 kilometres from the capital city of the state, Perth. Its early days as a small fishing village are long gone now, and close to 97,000 reside in Mandurah today.

This city is no longer the isolated holiday community it was before the 1970s, and has grown into a regional centre just south of Perth, with plenty of amenities to serve its community. Among these are five distinct shopping areas, and numerous sports clubs and schools. The area has a great many places of cultural heritage significance, and traditional older-style coastal homes aplenty.

Mandurah is considered one of the cheapest places within the vicinity of Perth to buy property, and a house in this city can be bought at a median price of only $252,873.

9) Cooloongup

Located within the City of Rockingham, Coolungup houses 6,822 residents, and is a 52-kilometre drive from the Perth CBD. The lake from which this suburb gets its name is one of the primary attractions to this coastal area, forming the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park together with two other watery masses: Lake Walyungup and Lake Richmond.

Coolungup provides suburban living of the highest rank, with plenty of amenities and facilities in close proximity to the suburb. It is popular with retirees and young families alike – the latter is not unsurprising, considering Coolungup means “place of children” in the traditional Aboriginal language.

Coolungup also counts as one of the most affordable suburbs in Greater Perth to buy property in, and the median price for houses is $256,852.

10) Hillman

Just like Coolungup, Hillman is a suburb in the City of Rockingham, just over 50km south of Perth. Named after Alfred Hillman, the surveyor who first made surveys in the area of Rockingham, the suburb of Hillman came into being in 1970. Since then, Hillman has bloomed into a quiet family suburb with easy access to schools and shops.

Some people call it Rockingham’s best kept secret, and the competitive prices of its homes may have something to do with it: the median house price in Hillman is just $260,843.


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