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Selling Your House in Melbourne Australia?

We can point you to the best real estate agents in Melbourne

Over two thirds of people who want to put their property on the market find choosing the right agent to be a stressful process. With so much at stake you want to be sure that you choose the best agent to maximise your selling price and to advise on the best selling method, e.g. auction, private treaty or expressions of interest. Above all, it is important that your real estate agent handles the selling process smoothly and efficiently. At Perfect Agent, we understand this, and our services are aimed at finding the right real estate agent for you to select from the best real estate agents in Melbourne when you need to sell or rent your property. Sometimes, the best real estate agents in Melbourne Australia are not the most obvious ones. So how do you find these?

Perfect Agent makes selling your house easier

There are many real estate agents operating in the Melbourne market, and many of these have a particular area of expertise. Some agents may specialise in selling off the plan developments and new apartments, while others may be experienced in selling older, more established homes in a certain geographic region. If you are selling a commercial property or a property that may be more attractive to property developers, rather than a prospective home owner, you may need an agent with a completely different area of expertise to get the best return on your sale. Knowing that you have chosen the best real estate agent to sell your property can take the stress out of selling right from the start. Perfect Agent can put you in touch with the right real estate agents in Melbourne that have the requisite experience and expertise ideally suited to your needs.

Identify and choose from only the best in the business

Perfect Agent will help you identify and choose from amongst the best real estate agents in Melbourne. Agents that we recommend are licensed experts in their respective fields and have a proven success rate in selling your type of property. This is a service that is completely free to sellers and property owners, as our income is derived from a standard referral fee from the real estate agent upon the successful sale or rental of your property. This fee is the same for all agents to ensure our independence. The aim of Perfect Agent is to get people to find the right agent from among the best real estate agents in Melbourne. We offer an impartial service that helps takes the stress out of selling or renting your property.


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