Palette of colours laid on a table to choose from.

These are the colour trends for your home in 2018

Small living space, with a small chair and a small step ladder.

How to Incorporate the Scandinavian Style into Your Home

Modern patio, with grey patio set. Two cups on the table and a vase with flowers.

Remember These 10 Tips When Your House Is on Show

Once you have found an agent that you trust, your house will subsequently be put on show to attract the attention of potential buyers. Do not underestimate this step in the selling process – it can truly make or break a sale. Anyone that is interested in buying property wants to experience the property first-hand […]

Handing over keys

These Are the Most Common Questions People Ask Before Selling Their Home

When a big decision is on the horizon, we often feel so overwhelmed that we tend to delay making it. While selling your home or deciding to rent it to people is indeed a big decision, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself and your rental agent to make the process a […]

Small wooden carved house sitting on a desk with a a calculator and a noted pad with a book.

How Is the Value of Your Property Calculated?

One of the most pressing issues that prospective home sellers face is establishing the price of their property. Choosing an asking price for your property does not necessarily mean that it will fetch that specific price, but it is important to establish an amount that helps you to make a profit on your initial purchase, […]