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Interested in Real Estate? Give These Podcasts a Listen

Real Estate Podcasts

If you haven’t gotten into them yet, prepare yourself, because podcasts are about to rock your world. It seems that video may not have killed the radio star after all, as these episodic series of digital audio files are taking the world by storm. And it couldn’t be more convenient – listening to a podcast during your commute to work is probably the easiest way to gain knowledge and kill some time without really putting much effort.

Podcasts: here are some stats

Entrepreneur Magazine reports that podcasts are becoming more and more popular as an easy way to consume information while multitasking, with 52% of listeners doing so while driving, 46% while traveling, 40% while walking, running or biking, 37% while commuting on public transportation, and 32% while working out.

The fact that podcasts are an easily digestible medium are making them more widely listened to than ever before (around 68 million people listen to podcasts) and the simplicity of their creation has lead to the conception of around 525,000 podcasts and more than 18.5 million episodes currently in circulation, according to the latest data released by Nielsen.

What makes podcasts an interesting medium that is gaining traction as one of the leading forms of new media is that there is a podcast out there about almost any topic under the sun. Comedy podcasts seem to be the most widely listened to (48%), but educational podcasts aren’t far behind, making up 40% of the most popular podcasts on the charts.

It goes without saying, then, that there are also a number of podcasts available that relate specifically to the real estate industry in all its variety.

If you are planning on selling or renting your property, it is always good to acquaint yourself with the market and the industry that you are entering. We’ve searched the internet for podcasts about real estate that won’t just give you the information you are looking for, but might just entertain you while they’re at it, too.

1. Unlisted with Brad Inman

Brad Inman founded Inman, a “leading name in news, information and innovation” relating to real estate in 1983, after spending many years as a housing policy analyst and community advocate, and also writing a weekly column for the San Francisco Examiner.

Today, his Inman-branded real estate and technology conferences draw thousands of thought leaders and attendees every year. These conferences aim to promote innovation and share best practices, and have lead to the establishment of numerous new companies and products, as well as to many people taking up the real estate profession.

Brad Inman’s real estate podcast gives you a high-level overview of the real estate market. Knowing what is happening in the global real estate market will help to gain a better understanding of trends that may also affect the Australian market. Inman interviews influencers and covers a range of topics relating to real estate, and it’s never boring.

2. The BiggerPockets Podcast

The founders of the real estate investing site and forum BiggerPockets, Joshua and Brandon Turner, talk about everything from renovating and reselling homes, property management and investing.

This podcast features candid interviews that seem more like “casually chatting about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned” with a friend over a beer, than an intense discussion that you have to take notes of. The guests that are interviewed on this show are all real estate investors and entrepreneurs that have extensive knowledge of the industry they do business in.

Real estate can provide passive income opportunities like few other things can, and the Turners will tell you how to get involved.

3. The Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

This podcast isn’t specifically related to real estate, but provides a holistic education about economics, marketing and management.

The Harvard Business Review IdeaCast is hosted by Sarah Green Carmichael, an executive director at the Harvard Business Review and a regular speaker at the Drucker Forum, SXSW and Thinkers50. It features engaging discussions about economic and management-related issues that go much further than the markets.

If you’re looking into becoming a real estate mogul, lay the foundations by using this podcast to learn about business, management and marketing in general – all important factors of the real estate industry today.

4. Caravan Confessions

Now, for something entirely different. Eric Simon of The Broke Agent relays the most interesting and funny tales from the real estate industry.

Eric speaks to real estate agents from across the globe about the most bizarre experiences they’ve had while practicing what they’re passionate about.

Caravan Confessions will entertain real estate agents and anyone who is interested in the sometimes-strange goings-on of the property market. If you’re looking for something a little lighter after listening to a really meaty, informative podcast, switch over to this, kick back, and enjoy.

5. Elevate

Hosted by Samantha McLean of Elite Agent Magazine, Elevate is a locally produced podcast that features a range of topics associated with Australian real estate at large. If you’re wondering about proptech, outsourcing and cryptocurrency in real estate, you’ll hear it all on Elevate.

Speaking to – among a range of others – real estate coaches and leaders in the Australian real estate industry, this podcast features industry news and market analysis about the things that are affecting the local and international property market now. Elevate is a must-listen if you want to know what to pay attention to in an industry that is always changing.


If you are interested in learning more about the real estate industry, or are considering buying or selling a property or properties, education is key. Listening to podcasts will broaden your real estate vocabulary and answer all the burning questions you have about buying and selling real estate.

Look for these podcasts on your favourite podcast hosting service, or click the link in the names to go directly to the podcast website, and prepare to be educated!