how to sell your home fast

In a Rush? How To Sell Your House Fast

Sell Your Home The Fast Way

There is often talk of when exactly the right time to sell a home would be. Some prospective sellers take to the idea of real estate being seasonal, whilst others try to keep a close eye on the markets to predict when the right time to sell might be.

Whichever way they decide when to put their house on the market, most home sellers would probably prefer that their house sell as quickly as possible – unless there is a reason they would like the sale delayed, for example in the case of home sellers who are in the process of buying a home.

However, any real estate agent would tell you that how quickly your home might sell is notoriously hard to predict. Many factors might have an influence on the time it takes a house that is up for sale to be sold – these may include the current housing market, comparable properties (both in terms of their price and the time they takes to sell), as well as the city or suburb that the house in on sale in.

Getting your home to sell in the quickest possible space of time, with all the factors mentioned above taken into account, is much easier to do when you consider some sure-fire tricks during the selling process.

1. Tidy Up To Make Your House Stand Out

Decluttering your home holds benefits that are twofold: first of all, you’ll be tidying your home before it is listed, saving you the trouble when the time comes, and especially when your home goes on show. Secondly, though, you’ll also be tackling a large chunk of your moving – before even moving out.

Decluttering allows home sellers the opportunity to decide what they should keep and what they should get rid of, and to organise and tidy what’s left. Unwanted items can be sold (a little extra cash is always handy at this stage in one’s life) or donated to whomever might be in need.

Getting rid of the clutter in your home makes it seem more appealing to potential buyers, and in this regard you can use this part of the preparation process before listing to try and neutralise your home.

When discussing neutralising the home, we refer to the process of making the home most appealing to the broadest group of potential buyers. Buyers want to see themselves in the space, and sentimental items and bold décor doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the largest group of people. Try to pack away personal items and stick to a neutral colour palette, if it’s possible to do so. Your home should seem staged, but not completely bare.

 2. Repair any Issues With Your Home

Before listing your home, you should take care to undertake any repairs and improvements. Your real estate agent or a property valuer might be able to assist you with suggestions in this regard.

Certain repairs (things like roof repairs or repairs to the plumbing) may be costly, but will ultimately reap financial returns. When a potential buyer requests a home inspection, these faults will be pointed out anyway, and will reflect badly in terms of the price your property is ultimately able to fetch.

Also, don’t underestimate the value that a fresh lick of paint adds to a property, and don’t forget the appeal a tidy and well-kempt garden has to potential buyers. Small improvements like these go a long way in impressing buyers interested in acquiring your property.

Should you decide to not undertake the repairs recommended by your property valuer or real estate agent, remember that this will eventually lead to having to sell a fixer-upper. These types of properties don’t tend to fetch prices as high as those a newly renovated property would, and also might take a little longer to sell.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer To Take Listing Photos

First impressions last, and in today’s age, potential buyers will probably come across the online listing of your property before driving by and noticing a “for sale” sign. Real estate agents take great care to give the best possible impression of your property when listing it online, but they may be greatly hampered in their efforts, should you decide to not enlist the services of a professional photographer to take the listing photos of your property.

Using a professional real estate photographer comes with a number of benefits. Firstly, research has shown that listings with professional photos accompanying them tend to ultimately sell at a higher price than homes where an amateur photographer took the photos, or where – horror of horrors – a smartphone was used to take the pictures.

Taking and editing good photos takes time, and in this regard, like in most endeavours, using the professional certainly does pay off. In addition to possibly selling at a higher price, using a real estate photographer will also save you and your real estate agent loads of time.

With professional photos that show the very best side of your home, your property will also stand out among the many others it is listed alongside, leading to more prospective and potential buyers taking notice of your property.

4. Find a Great Real Estate Agent

This is perhaps the most important part of the selling process. Hiring a qualified and experienced real estate agent to help you sell your property could be the most important decision you have to make when you decide to sell your home.

Real estate agents understand the market they operate in and have followed the ebb and flow of their local property market for most of their careers. They understand that the property market is not static, and that certain times are best for selling.

Because they earn commission from every sale they make, real estate agents are committed to getting the highest possible price for your home.

Real estate agents have access to large databases of potential buyers, and marketing your property is an essential part of the way in which they assist you in selling your home.

Ask yourself, do you understand the local property market well enough to market your property to as many people as possible, taking into consideration that at no point will your home be the only one that is up for sale in a specific city, town or suburb? Have you completed years of study and in-service training to gain real estate qualifications? Are you adept at negotiating in a way which benefits you and aids you in fetching the highest possible price on your home – without letting subjectivity affect the way in which you negotiate or market your home? Do you understand all the comprehensive paperwork that comes with selling a house?

A real estate agent is an objective bystander who wants to help you to sell your property as quickly as possible, at the best possible price. They are so committed to this singular cause that they’ve devoted their careers to it. If you want to sell fast, you shouldn’t sell your property yourself.

5. Price Your Property For a Quick Sale

Determining the correct price for a home is a daunting task. Price it too high, and your home might take longer to sell, if it even sells at all. Price it too low, and you’ll be putting yourself at risk of failing in what should be the home seller’s primary objective, which is selling at the best possible price in the quickest possible time.

Your real estate agent will advise on an asking price for your home by taking a variety of factors into account. The location of your property, its general condition, comparable properties in the city or suburb, nearby amenities and schools may all influence the price of your property.

If you’re looking to sell quickly, an overpriced property is not the way to go. Your experienced real estate agent will advise on an asking price that is fair to you, but will help secure a quick sale, with the current market conditions in your location taken into account.


The housing market is unpredictable. A property might take a little longer to sell today even if it might have sold as soon as it was listed a few years ago. Selling your property fast requires a few measures on the buyer’s behalf.

Untidy and dilapidated homes do not easily catch the eyes of potential buyers, and tidying up also benefits the seller insofar as preparing to move to a new home goes.

Small repairs and renovations are invaluable in their ability to create a good first impression with potential buyers. Bigger renovations, like roof or plumbing repairs might cost a little more upfront, but hold the potential of creating big financial goals when the property sells.

Speaking of first impressions: if home sellers want to create the best possible impression of their property online – where potential buyers are most likely to first encounter their property – using a professional real estate photographer to snap pictures of their homes will make the property stand out among the many other listings it shares the internet with.

The asking price of a property will also significantly influence the price a home fetches. Overprice it, and it’s likely to spend a little more time on the market.

In this regard, and during every step of the selling process, an experienced, qualified and licensed real estate agent is the best person to have by your side. Perfect Agent boasts a large list of real estate agents all across Australia. By simply completing a quick survey, we’ll recommend a number of potential candidates to choose from. It is, simply put, the best way to sell your home at the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time. Interested? Simply click here to get in touch with the perfect agent to help you sell your property – fast!