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How To Find The Best Real Estate Agents In Perth

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The property market in Perth is dynamic and fast moving. Some areas are characterised by strong capital growth or high rental demand, while others may lag behind, or may be slower to sell or to fill rental vacancies. As a seller or landlord, you want to ensure that you remain on top of selling and rental trends to get the best return on your property. It is important to select the right real estate agent for the task, and identifying an agent to suit your specific needs can be daunting for many people. We understand that this process is not something that people do in the normal course of events, and they may be inexperienced in knowing what to look for in a real estate agent and how to go about making the right selection. At Perfect Agent we have come up with an easy to use solution to help you choose from the best real estate agents in Perth.

We work with licensed and successful real estate companies that specialise in your area

Perfect Agent can help you define the characteristics of the ideal real estate agent to suit your requirements. Being licensed and honest are mandatory requirements. The agent should be up to date with current market trends and have demonstrable success in selling similar properties to yours in your area. If you have additional preferences or requirements as to what constitutes the ideal real estate agent, we will also take these into consideration when identifying an appropriate selection from the best real estate agents in Perth.

We will shortlist the most relevant Real Estate Agents for you

Some agents specialise in selling particular kind of properties. For instance, some focus on apartment sales or rentals, while others have better experienced selling established houses. Many real estate agents have a proven track record of sales in a particular Perth suburb or area and a good understanding of what buyers in that area are looking for and are prepared to pay. We will factor these and other considerations in when coming up with a shortlist of relevant agents from licensed real estate agents in Perth for you.

We work for the customer – not the agent

The great thing about Perfect Agent is that the service we offer is free and unbiased. Based on your input, we analyze your selling or rental needs free of charge and identify a shortlist of agents for your consideration. Upon the successful sale or rental of your property, we receive a standard referral fee from the agent, which is the same for all agents as this ensures our independence. You can be certain that our proposed selection from the best real estate agents in Perth Australia puts your needs first.

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