How to find a good real estate agent online?

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

At Perfect Agent, we know that choosing a real estate agent can be a daunting practice, as you want to make the right decision about who should be selling your house, apartment or land. If you are a landlord with property to rent, you also want to select the right agent to provide a shortlist of tenants and then manage your rental property at the highest rate in order to get the best return from investment. Unless you are doing these things on a regular basis, which most of us aren’t, you don’t really know what to look for when trying to select a real estate agent. Perfect Agent provides a free of charge service that lets you choose from a short list of agents that are best suited to your needs, whether you are a seller or a landlord.

We Make Selecting a Real Estate Agent Easy

The best real estate agent is the one who gets you the right price for the sale or rental of your property in a time frame that suits your requirements. But how do you know which is the right one? Perfect Agent makes the whole process of choosing a real estate agent easy by analysing your requirements and getting quotes from three or more suitable agents for their services. This not only saves you time and effort that can be better directed to other things, but importantly, ensures that you can make the right selection at the right time from agents that are best equipped to handle your specific needs.

Get Connected with the Best Real Estate Agents in the Industry

We provide the means to connect you with the best estate agents, chosen by their success in the industry, the quality of the work they do and their suitability to your selling or rental needs. Perfect Agent shortlists the agents based on the criteria you specify and then obtains quotes from these agents, which are submitted to you in a consistent format. This allows you to compare easily and make a choice effectively. This is free of charge, as we receive a referral fee from the agent upon the successful sale or rental of your property.


Invest 2 minutes of your time and complete our easy-to-follow questionnaire below and let us find you the best real estate agents in your area.