Real Estate Agents in Sunshine Coast

An aerial view of Noosa National Park on Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Australia

According to statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, roughly 16, 573 estate agents do business in the state of Queensland, working for 9,199 real estate establishments.

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Modern real estate in the Sunshine Coast

The 2016 census found that the Sunshine Coast is made up of 108,604 occupied private dwellings. The majority of these (73.6%) of these are separate houses, with 12.5% and 11.9% of these being semi-detached houses and flats or apartments respectively.

Real estate experts believe that the Sunshine Coast’s property market is showing signs of an upward trend, thanks to a wave of interstate migration from bigger cities.

Home values climbed more than 7% in 2017, according to property analytics firm CoreLogic, and the allure of a more laidback lifestyle is seeing many prospective buyers flock to coastal regions.

Commission structures in the Sunshine Coast can be divided into fixed or tiered commission, according to the terms that are negotiated with the agent. The agent commission rate in the Sunshine Coast also varies from town to town – it is 2.86% on average in Caloundra, for instance – but commission rates may vary across the board.

Before the was tourism, there was timber

“As I travel around the country I am seeing something new emerging across regional Australia. It is a new way of doing things, taking the great traditions that made the bush what it is today and blending it with the new. There’s innovation, new technology and new potential, it’s almost as if there’s a quiet revolution going on. Some people call it the new bush.”
– Lee Kernaghan

The Sunshine Coast is the third-most populated area in the state of Queensland. It’s difficult to believe today, but this area wasn’t always the tourist hub we know. Before the tourists and creatives came, the Near North Coast – as the Sunshine Coast was referred to before the name was officially changed in 1966 after 8 years of deliberation – was instrumental in developing the infrastructure of nearby Brisbane, thanks to the wide array of timber found in the region. Everything from beech, bunya, bloodwood, tallow-wood, red cedar and kauri pine was available to build railroads, fences, houses and many other key features of infrastructure.

Today, the focus has moved to conserving trees instead of chopping them down, and the Sunshine Coast is still considered a peri-urban metropolis, that includes the Shires of Landsborough, Noosa and Maroochy. Only a 70-minute drive from Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast quickly became a tourist destination, and theme parks popped up all over the area. The iconic Big Pineapple in Woombye is reminiscent of this time. 16 notable beaches make the Sunshine Coast the ideal place to kick back and relax.

Facts about the Sunshine Coast

  1. The Sunshine Coast’s famous heritage-listed Big Pineapple was officially opened to the public in 1971. It stands 16m tall, and is still one of the most popular tourist destinations along the Sunshine Coast.
  2. The area of the Sunshine Coast is the same size as California’s Yosemite National Park, stretching across 3,127 square kilometres.
  3. Ettamogah Pub (the word Ettamogah means “place of good drinking” in the native Aboriginal language) at Aussie Land in Palmview is the most photographed pub in Australia.
  4. The Sunshine Coast’s Mount Coolum is the second-largest rock in the world, after Mount Uluru. An Aboriginal legend has it that couples who climb it will eventually break up because of an ancient curse.
  5. The Sunshine Coast is made up of 9 towns: Caloundra, Coolum, Eumundi, Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Montville and Noosa Heads.

Architecture in the Sunshine Coast

Queensland is characterised by buildings in the Stick-style, which is a contemporary style of architecture that incorporates a lot of timber battens in its design.

The Sunshine Coast’s history of timber means that timber is often incorporated into architectural designs, and verandas are a perennial element in architecture along Australia’s east coast.

The Sunshine Coast has its fair share of quirkiness: looking for a specific house on Earnest Lane in Sippy Downs might prove a challenge, as all 21 homes are identical, with only slight colour-scheme differences.

Finding the right real estate agent in the Sunshine Coast

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