Real Estate Agents in Melbourne

Image of Melbourne taken from the water. Beautiful old bridge running to the inner city.

According to statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, the state of Victoria has roughly 13,903 real estate agents working for 6,955 real estate establishments. Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia and Oceania, and also the most densely populated in the state of Victoria.

In cities with big populations and so many estate agents, the sheer amount of choice that is available is often overwhelming and daunting, but filling out the form above can make selling your property in Melbourne much easier.

The most liveable city in the world

In 2017, Melbourne was named the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Group – for the seventh year in a row – and Melburnians will agree that there is good reason for this accolade.

“Melbourne, where I grew up, is one of the street art capitals of the world. Something about discovering freshly painted walls always fills me with optimism; it’s autonomous and democratic, and reminds me that maybe people are paying attention after all.”
– Penelope Mitchell

The city has something for every one of its 4.5 million inhabitants, with offerings ranging from the country’s biggest community festival, to a variety of street art (Banksy has contributed many works, and in 2010 Melbourne was named one of the best cities in the world to view street art by the International Business Times), to 50 vinyl record stores that still do business, and a sporting stadium that can seat more than 100,000 people.

Melbourne is sometimes called the most sports-obsessed city in the world, and has five international standard sporting facilities just outside its bustling business district: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Docklands Stadium, Rod Laver Arena, Hisense Arena and Olympic Park in Melbourne Park. If you’re not a sports buff, you’ll be pleased to know that Melbourne is also an official UNESCO City of Literature, and can lay claim to the largest publishing sector in the country.

Facts about Melbourne

  1. Melbourne was Australia’s capital city from 1901 to 1927.
  2. Melbourne has a population of about 4.5 million, of which 38% were not born in Australia, making it a global city in the truest sense of the word.
  3. Greater Melbourne is made up of 321 suburbs, with the city of Melbourne consisting of 15 suburbs.
  4. Melbourne’s tramway system is the fourth largest in the world and the largest outside of Europe.
  5. A man called John Batman was one of Melbourne’s founding fathers, and Melbourne was almost named “Batmania” after him.

Melbourne’s architecture

“I think Melbourne is by far and away the most interesting place in Australia, and I thought if I ever wrote a novel or crime novel of any kind, I had to set it here.”
– Peter Temple

The city of Melbourne was founded in 1835 on land traditionally inhabited by the indigenous Kulin Nation, made up of the Wurundjeri, Boonerwrung, Taungurong, Djajawurrung and the Wathaurung. The Cathedral Church of St. James opened its doors in 1837, with the Princes Bridge opened in 1850.

The gold rush of the 1850s cemented Melbourne’s destiny as one of the biggest cities in Australia, and also led to the construction of many iconic buildings. The Flinders Street Station is just one, and even today, many Melburnians will still arrange to meet each other “under the clocks”.

The Royal Exhibition Building was built for the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880 and still stands today. Eureka Tower is Melbourne’s tallest building at 197 meters high, and is also the second-tallest residential building in the world.

Modern real estate in Melbourne

According to the 2016 census, greater Melbourne has just over 1.5 million occupied private dwellings. 67.8% of these are separate houses, with semi-detached dwellings and flats or apartments making up the rest.

The steady climb in its population has given rise to an eclectic mix of residential architecture in Melbourne. Today, the city of Melbourne has 21,003 occupied private dwellings, of which 98.3% are flats or apartments, according to the 2016 census.

With so few detached houses making up the living arrangements in the city of Melbourne, the potential buyers in Melbourne will be different to the ones in other cities in Australia. The property market in Melbourne ¬– which is a bigger metro – and the commission that agents charge, will be different from the market and commission charged in regional areas.

Commission structures in Melbourne can be divided into fixed or tiered commission, according to the terms that are negotiated with the agent. The agent commission rate in Melbourne is 2.47% on average, but commission rates may vary.

Finding the right real estate agent in Melbourne

The state of Victoria’s real estate market, in which Melbourne is located, is known to be hardy, and has shown steady growth over the past few years. This means that getting the very best price for your property is entirely within reach, should you have a professional and experienced real estate agent handling the sale.

Perfect Agent understands that the property market in Melbourne is different to that of any other city. To find the perfect agent to sell your Melbourne property, simply fill out the form above, and we will help you compare agents and find the perfect fit for you.