Real Estate Agents in Flemington

According to statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, the state of Victoria has roughly 13,903 real estate agents working for 6,955 real estate establishments.

Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia and Oceania, and also the most densely populated in the state of Victoria. In cities with big populations and so many estate agents, the sheer amount of choice that is available is often overwhelming and daunting, but filling out the form above can make selling your property much easier, no matter where you are in Melbourne.

Home to the world’s richest horse race

Located approximately 4 kilometres north-west of the city of Melbourne’s central business district, the suburb of Flemington is probably most famous for the Flemington Racecourse, which is home to the Victoria Racing Club and the annual Melbourne Cup horse race, which is currently the world’s richest handicap and the world’s richest 3200-metre horse race.

Flemington was established in 1839 and was named after Flemington Estate in Scotland. Today the suburb has a diverse population, with three kindergartens, three primary schools, one secondary college and a special needs school seeing to the needs of an ever-growing community.

Twelve reserves, parks and ovals provide space to relax, and Flemington’s residents get around by using an established public transport system, which consists of trains, trams and buses.

Facts about Flemington

“The racehorses assemble at the starting barrier
in all the finery of a medieval pageant, the jockeys
in silks like figures from a Tarot pack, the bookies
in leather and tweeds standing beside their boards
each confident that the future has been controlled.”
– Kevin Hart

  1. The Melbourne Cup horse race, held annually at the Flemington Racecourse, was first held on the first Tuesday of November 1861.
  2. The Australian actor, comedian and author Barry Humphries once stated that his favourite building in Melbourne was the Flemington Post Office on Wellington Street.

Architecture in Flemington

Homes in the Victorian or Boom style are aplenty in Flemington, and some Federation and Edwardian style homes can also be seen. Both Flemington and its neighbouring suburb, Kensington, can boast a plethora of weatherboard cottages, together with attached brick single-storey homes and a few double-storey terrace houses.

Modern real estate in Flemington

The 2016 census found that Flemington is made up of just over 3,000 private dwellings. The majority of these (53.2%) are flats or apartments, with 22% and 23.4% being separate and semi-detached houses, respectively.

Commission structures in Flemington can be divided into fixed or tiered commission, according to the terms that are negotiated with the agent. The agent commission rate in Flemington is 2% on average, but commission rates may vary.

Finding the right real estate agent in Flemington

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