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Melbourne museum, Victoria

According to statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, the state of Victoria has roughly 13,903 real estate agents working for 6,955 real estate establishments.

Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia and Oceania, and also the most densely populated in the state of Victoria. In cities with big populations and so many real estate agents, the sheer amount of choice that is available is often overwhelming and daunting, but filling out the form above can make selling your property much easier, no matter where you are in Melbourne.

A salute to Milan and the birthplace of café culture

Founded at the beginning of the Victorian Gold Rush, the Melbourne suburb of Carlton was founded in 1851. Carlton sits right next to Melbourne’s central business district, and its close proximity to many institutions of higher learning, including the University of Melbourne, the Fitzroy campus of the Australian Catholic University and the CBD campus of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University has made it one of the areas with the highest concentrations of university students in Australia. Rented housing makes up 76.8% of Carlton’s residential market.

Carlton’s history has made it an area with a rich cultural heritage, and it is home to a man-made world heritage site, the Royal Exhibition Building, which also housed Australia’s very first parliament. A trip to Carlton must include a visit to its numerous architectural points of interest, among these, the Trades Hall building, which is one of the oldest still used for its original purpose.

Carlton has become famous for its Little Italy precinct, found on Lygon Street. The Piazza Italia is an homage to Melbourne’s twin city, Milan, and features a giant sundial and a vast number of Italian restaurants.

Carlton’s roughly 19,000 residents have access to numerous public spaces and five main garden squares: University Square, Lincoln Square, Carlton Gardens, Argyle Place and MacArthur Place. These were all planned in the Victorian era and modelled on the European fashion that features rectilinear green spaces that are surrounded by buildings.

Facts about Carlton

“Buildings are the most subtle, accurate and enduring records of life – hence their problems are the problems of life and not problems of form.”
– Walter Burley Griffin

  1. The Piazza Italia and its many cafes and restaurants are thought to have given rise to Melbourne’s café culture, which has become a trademark of the city.
  2. First held in 1978, the Lygon Street Festa was the first multicultural festival of its kind in the country.

Architecture in Carlton

Carlton is a goldmine of architectural heritage. A lot of the semi-detached dwellings that can be found in Carlton have been gentrified and adapted from the remaining terrace houses that were built in the Victorian era. A quick walk down Drummond Street will give visitors a sense of times gone by, with many houses exhibiting the Victorian style.

The Carlton Post Office, which opened in 1865, is a prime example of the Renaissance Revival style, while buildings in the Gothic style and Mannerist style also form a part of a rich collection of 19th century architectural marvels. Numerous heritage-listed buildings can be found throughout the suburb.

Modern real estate in Carlton

The 2016 census found that Carlton is made up of just over 8,200 occupied private dwellings. 83.8% are flats or apartments, 14.2% are semi-detached houses or townhouses, with only a tiny percentage (1.1%) of all occupied dwellings being separate houses.

Commission structures in Carlton can be divided into fixed or tiered commission, according to the terms that are negotiated with the agent. The agent commission rate in Carlton is 2.23% on average, but commission rates may vary.

Finding the right real estate agent in Carlton

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