Australia has its fair share of beautiful and expensive property, but then there are also some quirky homes scattered throughout the Great Southern Land.

Some are architectural marvels of note and others are peculiar works in progress, but they’re all sure to have you questioning what a home is supposed to look like.

1. The Everingham Rotating House

Weighing approximately 50 tonnes, this rotating house is built in the shape of an octagon and has a diameter of 24 metres. It is surrounded by a 3 metre-wide hardwood verandah and the entire structure has the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees.


2. Drew House

Created for photographer Marian Drew, this house draws inspiration from her family’s history with sugar mills, and was designed to look like a luxury campsite of sorts.


3. Boinga Bob’s Treehouse Temple

Built by the engineer and Outsider artist Robert Prudhoe (colloquially known as Boinga Bob), this treehouse draws inspiration from traditional Tibetan temples, nature and mathematics.


4. Hill House

A shaded backyard behind an existing house in Melbourne’s northern suburbs gave rise to this piece of interesting architecture. The property won the Residential Architecture Award at the Victorian Architecture Awards in 2012, and the north-facing property was converted for a family with small children.


5. Dome House

Built for architect Debbie Ryan’s mother, this house appears to sink into the landscape that surrounds it. The structure is dome-shaped and contains elements that make it look like a giant 3D puzzle.