40 tips for selling you home

40 Important Things to do When Planning to Sell Your Home

Selling a house may appear to be an easy task. You find a real estate agent, put it on the market, and presto! A buyer comes along, bids are placed, offers are discussed, documents are signed, hands are shaken, and you eventually go, wealthier for the experience. However, the time between promoting the property and meeting the buyer is frequently overlooked. Like anything else in life, finding a buyer for your house necessitates making an effort. What you put into a project is what you get out of it. If you want to sell your property, you must consider much more than simply contacting an agent, sitting back, and adding up the spondulicks. It is not a foregone conclusion that you will sell your home unless you follow essential advice that will assist in making your property sale-worthy. Here is a list of 40 suggestions to consider if you want to sell your house with a minimum of fuss.

40/ Find the perfect real estate agent

Find the perfect real estate agent

The first step to selling your home is finding the right real estate agent. After all, your home is your most precious asset, and so is your time. We all want to sell our home as quickly as possible to the right buyer for the best price. We need the best guidance available—someone we can depend on while we get on with things. You can avoid the hassle of finding an agent by contacting Perfect Agent for a consultation! Our professionals specialise in partnering the customer with the perfect real estate agent who will make the best decision when selling their house. Think of us as the matchmaker between you and the perfect real estate agent. Call now. It’s free!

39/ Point the buyer in the right direction

Point the buyer in the right direction

Posting directions along the street is a fantastic approach to ensure that the buyer does not get lost and miss the appointment. It’s only a question of going that extra step to seal the sale, and the buyer will be impressed with your foresight and professionalism. The phrase “inspection” should be included on the signs, which should be positioned at all logical turn-offs, etc., in line with the correct traffic flow. They also work especially well with auctions since they encourage walk-up buyers. Potential buyers will definitely be attracted by the presence of the signs come what may.

38/ Plan a quick getaway for you and the kids

Don’t leave it until the last minute to plan things for the kids to do while the agent is taking the buyer through your home. Consider taking them somewhere for an hour or two while the buyers survey the house. Maybe you can go for a family drive to look at your new home before you move in. It doesn’t have to be expensive; you may take them to the park or another fast escape, such as a quick visit to Grandma’s. And if you locate the appropriate agent, you won’t be planning too many trips just to kill time!

37/ Petty problems

Not everyone adores animals. Some buyers may be put off by the presence of pets in a home. Whatever meets them on the day, they may imagine the home covered with fur-balls and the backyard dug up afterwards. It is preferable to organise a brief journey for your cherished canine or feline companions. Take them for a run around the park or a splash on the beach. Perhaps a friend can mind them. Let’s face it, they’re going to be moving soon anyhow, so think of it as a warm-up for them to get used to staking out their favourite areas in their fresh new forever home. When you’ve done that, you will have to take care of those pet smells. If you’re not sure of the best way, get some advice online. There are lots of ways you can clear the air of your pets’ distinctive spice. A buyer will notice any pet smell and you can bet that they will opt for a house with a finer bouquet over the funk of an animal shelter.

36/ Climate control

Taking care to ensure the house is properly warm or cool is important. These little touches will influence a buyer on the day. Depending on the native clime of your area, make the right choice with the temperature controls, but be careful not to overdo it. The temperature should be cool enough, not freezing, or likewise, warm, but not boiling. Unless you live somewhere with a formidable arctic climate, be sparing with the heat. The important thing is to not make the buyer aware of the temperature.

35/ Let them feel the light

Lighting is an important consideration for a prospective purchase. You must employ all of your lights to evoke the ideal atmosphere and reveal the room’s inherent qualities. Lamps, dimmer switches, and candles may be used to their greatest potential to make the buyer not just see but feel the ambience of your home. However, as with anything, you must capture the right mood. Mind not to make them so bright the buyer feels they are being interrogated.

34/ Make sure nothing smells fishy

A weird odour is the last thing you want to offend a prospective buyer with. The trouble is that we might grow insensitive to unfamiliar scents when we reside in a house. We grow used to these smells and may not notice them. However, if we follow our schedule, we will eradicate all unpleasant pet odours and residual whiffs that may curl a buyer’s nose. But can we be sure? There is an effective way to make sure we have eliminated any hinky odours. Bring in a friend or neighbour to verify that your house smells as fresh as a spring garden. If they cannot detect any suspicious aromas then you’ve passed the smell test!

33/ Clear out the clutter

People hoard junk. We collect more stuff than we realise, and we frequently keep useless things we no longer need because of a bogus sentimental value. Clutter occupies valuable space, and you don’t want a disorderly heap when a buyer comes to inspect the property. Gather all the excess items you have accumulated throughout the house, and transfer them to a separate storage room. Start disposing of whatever you don’t need. Make it disappear by giving it to friends or donating it to charity. You need to highlight the spaciousness of your home, not your unnecessary belongings.

32/ Take care of disturbing furniture

Unless you keep your furniture in excellent condition with plastic covers, you can guarantee the fabric is worn out. It’s not a good idea to have buyers gazing at daggy, worn-out settees with body grooves when imagining their new home. It may create visions of domestic mediocrity that leave them questioning their choice. Bring in professionals or hire a steam cleaner to make that cloth appear new. Don’t forget the throw pillows. Consider covering your worn-out or old couch. It’s possible that you’ll also need to rent furnishings for the time.

31/ Professional cleaners are worth a call!

Elbow grease won’t always address the problem; a professional is frequently required. After all, you are busy people, and prone to distractions, finding time between work and family commitments. An unsightly spot on the carpet that you thought you’d eradicated, or a suspicious stain in the toilet bowl, may undo all your hard work. Get the job done perfectly the first time. Hire expert cleaners to guarantee that a discerning buyer doesn’t discover anything you’ve neglected. That way you can divert the time spent on cleaning on other important matters relating to the sale of the house.

30/ Your windows must mirror perfection

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and your windows are your home’s eyes. While they might not seem a priority, clean windows are one of the most distinguishing elements of a well-presented home. They are like bright eyes wide open! On the other hand, neglected windows are grimy and opaque, like weary eyes. Make certain that every window is completely cleaned. A buyer demands the best view possible, whether they are on the outside looking in or on the inside gazing out. This is not only crucial for light, but it also reflects the amount of care the owner has shown their property.

29/ An immaculate driveway guarantees a perfect entrance

Nothing beats a well-executed grand entrance. Consider the kerb appeal of your property while selling it. Trim the margins of your lawn and accentuate attractive features such as flower beds and bushes. Repair any cracks in the paving and driveway. Use the dreaded leaf blower to keep the front of the house clear of leaves and drifting debris. Mend any fences and paint any detail of your home’s façade that may be required. Anyone arriving at your home will be impressed. Make the buyer feel as though your driveway is a promenade to their ideal house! Guarantee them the perfect entrance.

28/ Get cracking on home repairs!

Every home has a hidden shame, such as a leaky faucet, a loose floorboard, or a door that does not rest correctly on its hinges. Often, it’s an exposed pipe. Whatever it is, you’ve only bothered with a temporary remedy up to this point. You’ve put off fixing it because something more pressing has taken your attention. Don’t bury the issue because you believe a buyer will not look beneath the sink or poke around in the shed. Make a note of all defects and begin repairing them as soon as possible. The buyer wants to know that they’re not paying for the previous owner’s neglected upkeep.

27/ Neutral tones work best

A wrong shade of salmon pink on the walls might be disastrous. Some colours, while appealing to their owners, may not be favourably received by the wider public. If you are selling a home, the general guideline is to favour neutral tones. The premise is that most individuals feel comfortable with neutral tones. Neutral tones help the buyer to see the colour they want when it comes time for them to make it their home.

26/ Remove personal decorations

Top real estate professionals advise sellers to remove personal belongings such as family portraits, trophies, one-of-a-kind bric-a-brac, and furniture. The general public finds them unappealing, if not obtrusive. After all, you’re selling your home, and the buyer doesn’t want any traces of your larger-than-life personality to remain, even if it’s just a perception on their part. The guideline here is that the house must provide the buyer with a blank canvas on which to project their own ideas of home decorating.

25/ Polish door handles and light switches

Hands are always twisting doorknobs, pulling door handles, and touching light switches. The hardware fixtures become dirty and smeared. It is not attractive. However, because they are so ubiquitous, it is easy to ignore these pesky smudges. They present tiny elements that, if overlooked, detract from an open house’s excellence, and perfection is the key to satisfaction! Take your time washing every light switch and handle in the house. Such oversights might easily turn off a discerning buyer.

24/ Mend your fences

When a buyer comes to look at your home, they will be interested in inspecting the fences. A brick fence, an aluminium fence, a chain-link fence, a bamboo fence, or an electric fence, whatever you have. If there are any issues, now is the time to address them. A badly maintained fence is the source of many problems between neighbours. A prospective buyer does not want to be met by a possible financial issue or a neighbourhood feud. And if your fence could use a fresh coat of paint, grab a brush and a roller and get to work!

23/ Tend to the landscape

Even if the potential buyer has their own thoughts about the garden, an untidy backyard may overwhelm them. Gardening aficionados will already be on top of it, but most of us consider mowing the grass to be the limit of our green thumbs. Take out the rake and shears and trim any plants that need it. Remove twigs, gather up leaves, and rearrange the rockery. Any branches that are overhanging the neighbour’s property line should be removed. Finally, remember to mow the lawn, trim the margins and tidy up any pot plants.

22/ Take out the trash

It simply won’t do if you leave your bins overflowing with refuse when the agent and buyer arrive. “What has this slob swept under the carpet?” will be their first thought. If your inspection falls before trash day, be sure that the bins are not overfilled. If need be, take a drive to the nearest waste management station. Moreover, do not leave unrecyclable junk leaning up against the bins. Make sure to get rid of that too. The sight of old mattresses in your drive or dumped on the nature strip will not only make your house look bad but cast a pall over the entire neighbourhood.

21/ Maximise your pantry power

A pantry is highly sought after by house buyers, and the more capacity yours appears to have, the more incentivised the buyer will be. You may show off your organisational skills here. To begin with, discard any expired foodstuffs and thoroughly clean the shelves. Repaint the shelves if necessary, remembering to reline them with a new liner. When everything is in order, begin organising goods by category and groups, such as spices, sauces, cereals, and so on. Align the containers methodically and make sure all are replenished so as not to affect the geometry. Anyone inspecting your pantry will be inspired.

20/ Eliminate household pests

All of your efforts in staging your home will be for naught if a nasty cockroach scurries over the kitchen bench in front of the buyer. Except if a rat pokes its head out of the pantry, nothing could be worse. Regardless of whether you have bombed the house for bugs, it is advisable to hire a pest controller to deal with the creepy crawlies. You may lay bait for rats, but roaches are confirmed stayers. It is better to follow this advice to avoid inspection calamities. Moreover, if you have cockies, spray your removal boxes; you don’t want them moving with you.

19/ Let your exterior feel the pressure

The outside of your house may become unclean, especially in Australia’s harsh weather conditions. The exterior, whether made of brick, cement render, sandstone, weatherboard, fibro, cladding, or wood, is prone to filth and damage from the elements. A professional pressure cleaner team can swiftly spruce up the outside of your home using cutting-edge, environmentally safe equipment. They could also take care of your roof, driveway, and paving. By the end of it, your house will appear brand new, and you’ll want to move right back in.

18/ Clean the gutters

Gutters tend to pile up with a variety of debris, and delegating the cleaning to your teenagers likely means they’re still a mess. Leaves, twigs, dead pigeons, and other crud block the gutters and can clog the drains. You can imagine how excited a potential buyer would be if they discovered that much work when examining the house. Get a ladder and a garbage bag, as well as a pair of safety gloves, and clean them before the inspection. And keep an eye on your step as you go. It’s an unavoidable chore, especially when dried leaves pose a fire hazard.

17/ Remove unsightly paper hangings

Wallpaper is horrible stuff really. The moment you paste it on your walls, it has already become outdated. Nevertheless, if your walls are bedecked with gaudy wallpaper designs or a tacky mural, then in the interest of selling your house, remove them. Do it now! You can use a wire brush, scraper, or steamer. Find out more about how online, and Bunnings will provide all the tools you’ll need for the job. Naturally, you’ll have to paint it afterwards, remembering to use neutral tones. However, that is the cost of papering your walls. Assuming it wasn’t already there when your parents bought the house back in the 1980s

16/ Handle with care

Cheap doorknobs and drawer handles may contribute to the appearance of the rest of your home being cheap. That is not what you desire. You must update them. The amount of effort you spend upgrading little things like these will have an effect on the final sale price of your house. These options may make a significant impact on the buyer’s decision of whether or not to purchase your house. Take a trip to Bunnings with the kids to replace those old doorknobs and other hardware fittings with newer, more appealing alternatives. Take a step back and see how these minor changes may make the doors and drawers appear younger! You will instantly notice the difference.

15/ Clean the garage like you would the house

A garage is a decisive factor when a buyer is looking for a home. Be it a house for their car or a man cave for dad, the garage is an extension of the home. It should be treated as such. If all you’ve used it for is storing the lawnmower and bags of old clothes the kids have outworn, then get to work cleaning it up. You want to paint any flaky walls, clear off the cobwebs, and spruce them up so they shine. The concept is to show off the available space and whatever utilities it might provide. All tools should be organised and replaced in an orderly system. That includes nail jars, screws, and all your other bits and bobs. Clear any gutters and drains and make sure to repair automatic doors if they are on the fritz. Make it as inviting as a magic cave.

14/ Tantalising tech features sway buyers

Does your home have a smart thermostat in it? If not and you’re selling, you may consider budgeting for one. Tech offers a big appeal to young buyers. A smart thermostat is a device that can be controlled from an app and that allows the owner to schedule the temperature according to the weather and their needs. This way, instead of returning home on a hot day and flaking out on the sofa while waiting for the air-con to cool the house, the house is already cool by the time they make it home. You might investigate other smart gadgets that will offer bells and whistles to buyers. People just love technology.

13/ Neat closets impress buyers

Don’t think that a buyer’s imagination can compensate for disorganised closet space! The organization is exactly what you want them to see when they open your closet and have a look inside. No one wants to be confronted by your odd socks folded into sloppy balls spilling out of drawers like fur balls, or your ties scrunched together in a crazy rainbow pattern. And don’t even dream of letting them see how you stuff your pants and shirts in the drawer and steam iron them with your body sweat. A buyer is making either a new start or a fresh start, and that entails mental discipline. So be sure to concentrate on managing your closet space as if it were on display in a clothing boutique. That will impress.

12/ Brighten your bathroom

A drab bathroom has all the appeal of a nursing home washroom. Yet, this is one of the most private spaces in your home. It has to be personal for everyone who uses it. Gone are the days of a lacklustre privy with a cheap supermarket air freshener hanging on a hook. People want to see colour and detail; they want to luxuriate. You don’t have to spend a heap of money to attain a better look for your bathing space. Throw in some bright rugs, update the towel rack, and add a few perfume containers and candles. Introduce a nice fragrance and air purifier. A new shower curtain, and, if you have a bathtub or spa, really highlight these. Green plants with fronds work particularly well. Use folded towels to full effect. Don’t forget, people want to see a good supply of toilet paper and housing for it. That doesn’t mean they’ll be using it; it just gives the right impression. And impressions are what it’s all about.

11/ Check your lightbulbs and replace where needed

Dysfunction is the enemy of happiness. And a new home means the promise of renewed happiness. Life is full of little things that go wrong, so don’t make it worse by having your buyer turn on a light switch and find the bulb is blown. You just might blow your chances of selling your home. Go around the house and test all your lights to check none are dead or flickering. Replace all the bulbs just to be on the safe side. Make sure that the switches themselves are washed and free of thumbprints. Let them turn on the light and see the beauty of their new home welcoming them. If their coverings are fly spotted, take them down and give them a good cleaning.

10/ Leave your laundry looking spotless

A hamper full of dirty, smelly underthings and shirts with bolognese stains is not the kind of look you want to present to prospective buyers. Ensure that all the bathroom hampers are empty and that the laundry is spotless. Take all the sheets out of the washer but don’t hang them on the line. Dry them, fold them and put them away where they can’t be seen. Make sure the washer and dryer are antiseptic and that all storage interiors are spotless. The sink basin should sparkle. Remove any crusty sneakers tossed on the floor and give it a good mopping using a cleaning agent that leaves the tiles shining like a mirror! And freshen the air by using a pleasant scent.

9/ Flower power will add that element of beauty

Flowers mean life, and houses should be brimming with young, energetic, vibrant life! You don’t need to turn your home into a florist, but strategically placing flowers around the house will add that element of joy and beauty. They will also offer the punter something to sniff when they are inspecting the property. Choose your colours in order to coordinate with the décor of the house, but please don’t use fake plastic flowers. Plants are also a good idea as that spot of greenery lets people breathe and it looks clean and natural!

8/ Cabinet craft is a bonus

Your cabinets need to be prepared for the appraisal. Discerning buyers will take a look in every cupboard, open every door, and try every light switch. This is why it is important that your cabinets are orderly and don’t contain anything that sticks out like a sore thumb. Plasticware, extra dishes, and tacky mugs with “World’s Best Mum” printed on them are all no-nos. You want a little bit of crockery, but not too much. Again, this is all about impressions, and your house should look like a show house, impersonal yet inviting at the same time.

7/ Keep your valuables safe during the appraisal

We are not suggesting that everyone who applies to see a home is a potential burglar, but it doesn’t make sense to leave your valuables lying around. If you use bricks of gold bullion as a footrest, it might be a good idea to hide them somewhere safe for the duration. Likewise, don’t have on display anything a porch climber might want to come back and purloin. All it takes is for a friend of someone shady to tell them about the inspection and, voila! Obviously, don’t leave your wallet on the dresser, and if you own a classic Bugatti sportscar, try not to leave the keys lying on the telephone table.

6/ Layout the welcome mat

When the buyer walks to your front door, everything should be laid out to welcome them. One day, hopefully, they will be welcoming their own guests through this entrance, so you want it to look its best. A nice touch is to leave a welcome mat out, making sure that the entrance has been meticulously swept. Ensure the doorbell is working, in case they want to test it, and that the house number is polished and gleaming in the sunshine. Naturally, you don’t want any old boxes laying on the stoop or uncollected parcels. Be sure to check that floodlights are in good condition and no wires are obtruding. Spare a thought too about providing a safe and lockable mailbox and parcel bin if you don’t already have one.

5/ Paint and fix all door trims

Doorways are the access points to your house and every room in it. Unless they are in top nick, you will need to get to work either painting or replacing them. Advice on how to do the job yourself is available online; likewise, you can always call on a handy person if your budget allows. Nevertheless, you can add a fresh coat of paint yourself and smooth out any dents or scratches. All it takes is sandpaper and a bit of elbow grease. While you’re at it, and this is important too, change any locks and handles that need replacing or updating!

4/ Ensure all sliding doors are working smoothly

Check and adjust all the roller assemblies of sliding doors if they are not gliding smoothly. If you adjust the screws and the door still doesn’t slide or close properly, you may need to fix or replace the roller assembly. Again, this is a job that you can learn about on multiple YouTube channels. If the glass isn’t sitting right inside the casings, you may have to replace it. Also, if the casings themselves are damaged from use, then you will need to take a look at that, lest it means knocking several thousand dollars off the sale price of your home. Lastly, polish the glass so well that you run the risk of walking right through it! Glass doors are viewpoints, and all access to the view invites light and is a point of interest in your home.

3/ A yard sale for old appliances

That old gramophone that granddad left you, the 1970s hi-fi and collection of old Neil Diamond vinyl records—these things may be collector’s items. However, do you really want a prospective buyer to feel as though they’ve walked through a time tunnel and wound up on planet kitsch? Those old 1950s plastic curtains with colourful fruit bowls, and the giant teddy-bear with one missing eye that your great grandmother used to cuddle, do you really want them on display? A house appraisal should offer the viewer the best and modern, stuffy old items are likely to make both you and your house seem a tad strange. Consider a yard sale to fob off all those crusty relics and make a bit of coin to go towards improving your new home.

2/ Consider house staging for the perfect effect!

Home staging is probably the best option for anybody who is serious about selling their house quickly. Staging is all about highlighting the best features of a home. It is different to home decorating in that it aims for broad appeal rather than striving for a particular design. To this end, it involves a professional real estate staging team concentrating on the main areas we have outlined throughout this list. The process involves the team and their keen eye transforming the key rooms in your house and dressing them so as to bring out their inherent qualities. This allows the viewer to visualise the home as they desire it. Your real estate agent will be able to hook you up with a home staging professional or else you can easily find one on the web. What’s more, they won’t cost you a bundle but will definitely prove an asset.

1/ Kerb appeal is what it’s about!

How does your house look when you’re approaching it from the street? If you’re a passing motorist who thinks to themselves, “Wow, that’s a really nice house; I wouldn’t mind living there!” you are on the money. We’re talking about kerb appeal. If you have followed the directions throughout this list of tips, then you will understand the importance that the upkeep of your house, driveway, nature strip and fence will have in selling your home. Keep this in mind because kerb appeal is everything. A good neighbourhood is about uniformity, not in the sense of all the houses being identical, but the general neatness and tidiness of the block. It shows pride, and pride signals success. So, think about your kerb appeal because this, more than anything else, is going to make or break the sale of your house.


Our list of 40 things to do when planning to sell your house might seem long, but it may be longer or shorter depending on your house and circumstances. Obviously, not all 40 suggestions will apply; some will, many might not. Moreover, much of what we recommend appears obvious. Yet, it is those obvious things that a person often overlooks in their hectic schedule or may skip around due to pressure. If you are selling your house on the open market, then fine. But if you are like the majority of punters out there, your first port of call will be to contact a real estate agent. This is where Perfect Agent can make that part of your plan easier. Contact us and we will find the perfect agent for you. The best part about it is that it is free!