House under construction. Image of the attic being renovated.

Renovating to Sell? These Are The Best Apps to Help You

If you’re planning on renovating a home to sell it again, you’ll know that this is no small task. Getting an interior designer to help choose the right colour scheme isn’t always a feasible option, as this comes extra costs that you might not have worked into the renovation budget. Thank goodness for technology, though! These apps will help you to renovate at a fraction of the cost.


Prevention is better than cure, and BrightNest helps you to do the necessary maintenance before you encounter a problem. Upload the appliances that need regular maintenance, and BrightNest will remind you to do it before lack of maintenance makes repairs a necessity. The app also features a myriad of articles with organising tips, lifehacks and DIY projects. It can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.


If only people in the 70s had access to TapPainter, we might have avoided what are today considered to be numerous design faux pas. TapPainter helps you to choose the perfect paint colour for any room by uploading a picture of the room in question and choosing from complete colour decks by famous paint brands. Paint is expensive, make sure you make the right choice. Available on iOS.


Available on iOS, this app has the whole shebang. Automotive, arts and crafts and gardening are made easy with crowd-sourced, tried and tested information. Repair tips and hacks are at your fingertips, and they’re all free.


Think of this as Wikipedia for finding out how to do things. If repairs are a part of your renovations, you won’t have to look far for step-by-step DIY tips and instructions. Get it for free on Android and iOS.


Houzz is probably the most comprehensive interior design guide and resource out there, and the app has a huge archive of articles, photographs and discussions that will provide inspiration and help you with the DIY projects associated with you renovations. Houzz is available for iOS and Android.


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