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Don’t Make These 5 Kitchen Décor Mistakes

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The kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that can make or break a sale. If it’s impressive, it’ll be something that people viewing your property will remember. If it’s shabby and uninspiring, it’ll be something they won’t forget.

Here are five kitchen décor mistakes to take note of before your property goes on show.

1. Keep the rubbish hidden

It doesn’t matter which way you dress it – a dustbin just isn’t a décor item. Put it away. Storing the dustbin in your kitchen in a cabinet or otherwise out of sight is the preferable and hygienic option.

2. Keep the kitchen well lit

Lighting is an important practical and décor element in the kitchen. Make use of more than one lighting source to ensure that all surfaces are illuminated and that they can be mixed up for different occasions.

3. Ensure there are enough sockets

Nothing takes the joy out of cooking like having to unplug one appliance to use another. If the people coming to view your property are avid cooks, they’ll keep an eye out for this.

4. Keep it comfortable

A kitchen needs a certain ergonomic flow to make it attractive on a practical level, but don’t forget the cosiness factor. A kitchen needs to be an inviting part of the house where people can kick back with a glass of wine. Make certain there’s enough seating and that the overall atmosphere of the kitchen is warm.

5. Close those cabinets

At some point it might have been fashionable to display your Noritake and appliances in open cabinets. This is truly impractical, old-fashioned and your potential buyer probably wouldn’t like thinking about having to keep those cabinets tidy all the time. Install doors with sturdy and practical knobs or handles.

Upgrading your kitchen before selling your house doesn’t have to be an exercise that bankrupts you. Simply taking care with these small things will already go a long way in impressing potential buyers.


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